PAYDAY 2 – The Secret Riddle

This is the perfect guide for the last riddle. It shows you the exact configuration that is needed to be set for the final door to open. Using the picture you can quickly translate your current sentance and enter the correct answer.


So you are here for the final riddle? Okay let’s get to it. Obviously, this is all extremly spoiler-y stuff, so if you want to figure out everything by your own, (I bet you 5 bucks, you won’t) go for it and leave this guide right now.


  • Golden Grin Casino Heist.
  • Brooklyn Bank.
  • Breaking Feds.
  • Henry’s Rock.
  • Shacklethorne Auction.
  • Your 20 achievments specified by the obsidian plate in your safehouse.

If you completed all of the steps above, you are ready to experience the secret of Payday 2 for yourself.

The Secret

To access the secret you have to play the Whitehouse Heist on atleast the Overkill difficulty. Since the most recent update, it is no longer necessary to have four players who are worthy, but all the players who do want to play with you, need to be worthy.

As mentioned above, worthy means, you have completed the 20 achievements.


  • If you know about the heist, you will need to play the heist normally until you access the underground bunker, also known as P.E.O.C. You can either play it loud or stealth, either way you need to be loud to access the secret, so do as you choose.


  • Lots of ammunition. When you access the secret, there will be cloakers constantly attacking you. Since cloaker downs do not count to your down limit, medic begs will not be nessecery.


  • The secret itself is accessed by removing a glowing painting in an office in the P.E.O.C.
  • If the painting is not glowing, you are either:
    • Not worthy
    • One of your teammates is not worthy

When the painting is removed, the hosts magically gains 3 packages of C4. This is used to blow up the wall and enter the underlying secret tunnel. It leads to an elevator. Everyone needs to be on the elevator for it to go down.


Okay this seems to be a complicated one at first, but hear me out, it’s not as bad as it seems. You will see in front of you four levers and a huge glowing vault door. 


The Vault door consists of four rings. At the beginning you will only see three, the most outer one will show up when you activate the vault. 


As soon you activate the vault, cloakers will start to spawn and they won’t stop until you solved the riddle, so be prepared, place down ammo bags, command your team to protect you. You will need atleast one person who will pay full attention to the riddle. Note that while this is possible with bots, it will be not an easy challange.

When you activated the most outer layer, it is time for buisness.
The secret langauge is read from right to left. The optimal strategy is to check the first few letters for a sentence.

  • In the temple of gold and white, I bind myself to my psyche forever. [CUPID]
  • The legacy of Alessandro Cagliostro calls to the eastern star. [GUIDE]
  • I am trusted to guard the great wealth of the land, but do not trust my words. [APATE]
  • Twins exchange a breath, the third sibling is banished until it returns. [ALGOL]
  • I am the bearer of the greatest gifts, I give what you seek the most. [GIANT]
  • Upon the terrace of riches and wealth, I hold what all who behold me desire. [JEWEL]
  • In the sand-covered lands of the pharaohs, I am followed by the missing light. [SHEUT]
  • Among old recovered things, four couples are eternally locked in their love. [DANCE]
  • At the gates of silent memory, the lizard god speaks thy number. [LAHUN]
  • I must face two to ascend, lest I meet my final journey in this challange. [CHESS]
  • I stand in front of the humble man on the wicked path as a companion. [SWORD]
  • With my companions wisdom and ferocity that which i fly over that is my land. [SUMER]
  • That of the watcher which will be consuned in the voice of sumer. [ZUMRU]
  • Check for the first letter. (Remember, right to left) 
    • It can either be: A I W U or T 
    • Now check for the second latter. Keep going on until you can say with certainty which is equal to your sentence. I have put enough letters next to the sentences to do exactly find out your current sentence.
    • You now know what sentence you have. Depending on the sentence you have, you have to enter the correct answer to it.


The Word inside these 5 slots represents your answer. As the language reads from right to to left, from the outside to inside, it looks like this.

In the main graphic you can see the correct arrangement for each word.


When facing the vault:

    • The most dangerous lever of them all. This is going to confirm your answer for the riddle. Do not push down the lever without being 100% sure of your answer. If your answer is incorrect, the riddle will reset and you have to do it all over again.
    • This one is able to set the outer most ring aswell the middle ring. But you only really need to set the first two letters with it.
    • This one is able to set the inner most ring aswell the middle ring. But you only really need to set the last two letters with it.
    • This one is able to set the middle ring. This is the final lever to set the middle letter, be sure to have to correct letters in the outer and the inner ring.

So in shorthand:

  • Translate the beginning, find out what sentence you have. 
  • Check the graphic for the correct word and the configuration.
  • Use the levers to setup the correct word.
  • Use the front left lever to confirm your word.
  • Repeat this for three more times. You can check your progress by those golden circle sides around the vault. One pops out for each correct answer. Wrong answers will reset your progress.

The True End

The Vault door opens, the end is near, you have survived this long. There will be a person you have to shoot, do not miss. (It’s the dentist)!

After that there will some things to do, idk I haven’t got that far yet.

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