Peace, Death! 2 – 100% Achievements Guide

Struggling to get that one achievement in Peace, Death! 2? Hopefully my guide can help you in getting that.


Having trouble obtaining that one achievement in Peace, Death! 2? Hopefully, my guide will assist you in obtaining this. This is my first guide, so please feel free to offer suggestions or criticism; I’d greatly appreciate it!

I’ve decided to divide the accomplishments into two groups. However, a large portion of the game’s achievements are based on RNG and pure luck. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to provide advice on how to get around them.

Spoilers for the game are ahead. You’ve been given fair warning.

Union Members Achievements

A Briefcase and a Suit

Fully complete the quest centered on the Bureaucrat

For this one, you need to push your reputation with Death above 300. After the first few workdays, you’ll be urged to visit Death’s Manor. There, just talk to Death couple of times until he tasks you to send three of his mailmen to Hell, Heaven and Purgatory. After finishing that, eventually Death will stumble upon a problem with his ‘coffin business’. Go talk to the Bureaucrat and he will agree to help if you completed all four types of contracts once. Do that and enjoy the ensuing conversation between both characters.

Money Loves Work

Fully complete the quest centered on the Paymaster

The Paymaster is the Reaper with the glasses. He’s the one that monitors everyone’s performance on work and can be quite a hard man to please. To complete his quest, you need to achieve 100% admiration from him. You gain that by getting good workgrades and increasing reputation with the Union. Just play the game like normal and make sure that your grades doesn’t drop below B. Reputation is easy to attain so you don’t have to worry about it too much. You should be able to get this achievement before finishing all the unique workdays.

Flowerpots and Keys

Fully complete the quest centered on the Concierge

Knowing everything and everyone is the Concierge’s specialty. He’s the ‘guard’ of the elevator but he also has the hobby of selling plants. To complete his quest, you simply has to buy all of the plants in his collection. They’ll pop up once every 3-4 workdays so pay attention. The price also increases steadily, but the money you rake in should be enough to cover them. The cool thing about buying these things is that the plants can then be seen in your room. By the end of the game, the place looks less like an apartment and more like a jungle.

Love, Reaper, and Caffeine

Fully complete the quest centered on the Coffeeman

This guy is freaking addicted to coffee, hence the name. Your reputation with Famine must be above 300 for this one. First, the Coffeeman will ask you to buy coffee from Famine’s Diner for a few times before getting banned. Then, he will ask you to send him to Hell, Heaven and Purgatory as a client so he could find a place to get good coffee. After failing that as well, he begs you to talk to Famine about it. Go see him and he will mentioned a mythical being named Coffeefish. You’ll unlock a new place (Fishing Spot) where you’ll have to fish for this creature for three times in a unique pattern minigame. Do that to complete this interesting quest.

Jack of All Trades

Fully complete the quest centered on the Mechanic

As usual, above 300 reputation, but with War instead. Visit War’s Arena and he complains about his men playing with rope in the well. Tell the Mechanic about it and he will opts to replace it with a metal chain. Give the chain to War. Fast forward a bunch of days, and War will then complain about the passive training dummy. Inform Mechanic again and he’ll asked for 10 springs. Gather them from your workday and give it to him. Visit the Arena to see how it turned out. Fast forward again, and War will (unsurprisingly) complain about how his troops can’t carry multiple weapons at once. See Mechanic for one final time where this time, you have to collect 10 weapons from work. Yada yada yada you know what to do next.

Adventure Time

Fully complete the quest centered on the Apostate

Reputation requirement again, but this time you need above 250 for all four Horsemen instead. The Apostate is a rule breaker, a rebel and a lazy bum. For his first quest, you gonna have to intentionally fail a workday to impress him. Unfortunately, no action is without consequences as Fate himself show up to reprimand you both. Go to his ship (you can find the first game’s protagonist here btw) where Fate wants to recruit the Apostate to his crew but noted that he is missing something. To find out, you are tasked to sort two croupiers but only after they’ve used up all their cards. Once done, visit Fate at his ship to finish the quest and get the achievement.

Breaking Bad

Fully complete the quest centered on the Scientist

300 reputation, and with Pestilence now. The Scientist will introduce you to his Blue Heart invention and asks you to test it out. So just go to work and purposely make one mistake. Pestilence will appear and invite the Scientist to a competition to show his creation. Return to him where he wants you to screw up again a couple of times. He then mentioned the Analysts ‘helping’ him so go buy a barrel of syrup at Pestilence’s Laboratory to wake them up. Visit the Laboratory again and cheer as our boy win the competition, completing his quest.

Getting this achievement actually has a benefit, as the Scientist can now offer you two blue hearts for the same price. I’d figure this is also the perfect time to cover another achievement related to it.

Blue Hearts

Buy 20 Blue Hearts

Self-explanatory one. Blue hearts cost 20 dollars a pop, which should be way more than enough during the late game. Note : you don’t have to complete a workday to progress through the achievement. Just buy one, make a mistake, go back to the Union, rinse and repeat.

Order of the Honest and Valiant

Become co-founder of the Order of the Honest and Valiant

Eventually in the game, you’ll be approached by the Knight, a Reaper wielding a wooden sword and wearing a bucket on his head. It’s basically the introduction to the Catastrophes mechanic. Anyway, to get this achievement, you simply has to keep grinding the Catastrophes. It doesn’t matter if you focus on one of the categories or pick one at random.


Become head of the Reapers Union

After finishing all of the workdays, you’ll have the option to sit on the Union chair and potentially becoming a leader. This will trigger an election where all of the members will decide to either vote towards you or stay neutral. You gain votes by helping people on their own quests. Thus, just make sure that the supporters outnumbered the neutrals and you’ll get this one.

The Real Finale

Become head of the Reapers Union and complete every Union member’s quests.

The ultimate ending. Pretty much the same as the achievement above, but this time you had all the Union members behind your back. Since the guide for the members is already detailed above, you might as well target this one as well. Getting this one also stacks with the Finale achievement as well, so why not?

Contract Achievements

Common Contracts

Complete 12 common contracts

Common Contracts is the first and easiest contracts to complete. The contracts basically increase the amount of random clients you face on your workday by 10 to 50 percent. Pretty easy work. Do it 12 times and you’re green.

Uncommon Contracts

Complete 9 uncommon contracts

The second type of contracts, uncommon contracts (along with epic and legendary ones as well) have you facing a custom set of clients when you first start working. The differences comes from the types of clients you’ll be stuck with. For uncommon, the ones you’ll be seeing are the easier ones such as:

  • Murderers
  • Pirates
  • Bureaucrats
  • Sufferers
  • Mimics
  • Paradox Agents
  • Werewolves
  • Monster Hunters
  • Lawyers

Epic Contracts

Complete 6 epic contracts

Same as the previous one, but with much harder special clients. Expect to see:

  • Warlocks
  • Croupiers
  • Jinns
  • Parasites
  • Monks
  • Protesters
  • Leprechauns
  • Death Knights
  • Jailers

Legendary Contracts

Complete 3 legendary contracts

Six octocaptains. Aka the most annoying type of client in the game, period. As you know, these green-tentacled creature has the ability to randomly hide two random signs of a random client. Times that two by six and you got this. For this one, I suggest you take a picture before making the first sorting using your phone so you could see the signs before it’ll become hidden. Don’t forget the rules of the other clients as well and most importantly: be patient and take your time.

Horsemen of The Apocalypse Achievements

Serving War

Complete 5 quests given by War

This used to be one of the hardest achievement to get because it relies a lot on the game’s RNG, but the recent patch seems to make the spawn chances easier. Remember that the weapons cart moves in a clockwise fashion every time you sort someone. For tips, I’d recommend removing the non-weapons clients quickly and picking a common contract beforehand to give you more chances.

Serving Pestilence

Complete 5 quests given by Pestilence

There will be three of Pestilence’s rats in your workday, and you have to send each of them to the three main destinations. You cannot repeat the same place, though. If you already sent one rat to Hell, but sent the second one to the same place, then it will fail the quest. The rats will move between clients randomly, so a little bit of luck is required unfortunately.

Serving Death

Complete 5 quests given by Death

Quite an easy one compared to the rest of the Horsemen. Once one of the three scrolls started studying a client, only thing you need to do is to not disturb the process. So just avoid from sorting the client until they are done. Quest completed!

Serving Famine

Complete 5 quests given by Famine

There will be a cook smack dab in the middle of the workday and he’ll require a specific food from you. Just like War, Famine’s quest also used to be quite challenging before being patched because sometimes the required food won’t appear at all. Not a lot of strategy for this one as the food will eventually pop out for you.

Clients Achievements

One Second Before The Murder

Sort a murder correctly at the very last moment before he attacks

You can know if the murderer is about to attack you in the next turn if they really started shaking like a maniac. Again, a little bit luck from the RNG is required for the next sorting to be exactly what you want. If not, simply restart the level again.

The Hunter Is Nothing Without The Hunt

Sort a Monster Hunter correctly while there are three or more monsters on a level

If my memory served me correct, any supernatural creatures is considered a monster. That means werewolves, goblins, demons, and minotaurs. Have any Monster Hunter (preferably Geralt) and just keep sorting the other five clients until three monsters appeared.

Hidden Treasures

Sort a Pirate correctly while all his chests are closed

Slightly less annoying than the Octocaptains, but still a challenge. The less chests a pirate has, the higher the chances to guess his position. Wait until a Pirate appeared with only 1-3 chests, then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Three in One

Pass three inspections from the Bureaucrat in one level

The instructions given by the Bureaucrat inverted the placement of the sorting. For example, if he asked who doesn’t belong to Purgatory, pick someone that goes to Heaven or Hell. You can see when the Bureaucrat’s about to ask you if he opens his Pulp Fiction briefcase. Do this thrice, and you’re golden.

All The Pain

Sort a Sufferer correctly while he has more than 10 signs.

Another luck-based achievement. By the time a Sufferer has more than 10 signs, you can’t see the signs anymore as it goes past the screen. Preferably, pick a contract that has them as the initial clients and hope you’re lucky. Again.

Note: on personal experience, the achievement can be a little bit buggy. Couple of times, I sort them correctly with over 15+ signs, but no achievement came in. If you know anything or if it just me playing it wrong, do let me know.

No Two Parasites Are Alike

Complete a level with at least one Parasite present

Understand how Parasites work. Their signs + the victim’s. You can spot who’s affected by the floating eye above them. Don’t forget about clients that can influence signs as well like Death Knights and Paladins. Keep the Parasite alive until the end to achieve this one.

The House Loses

Sort a Croupier correctly after he uses up all his cards

The Croupier, aka Mr House from New Vegas is a fickle client. Because he changed everyone’s sign every turn, being slow and steady is the key to avoid mistakes. Attempting to complete the quest for the Apostate requires doing this as well.

So Much Food

Sort a Sumoman correctly after he generates new signs

The opposite of the Sufferer, the requirements are self-explanatory. After the Sumoman generates the new signs, let him whittle them down first before sorting him properly.

Too Many Demons!

Complete a level with four Warlock imps around you

Wow, this one really wants you to gamble your workday, huh? The stakes are similar to the Murderer above, where you need to be one turn away from failing. Remember than the imps still remain around you even if the Warlock is removed, so if a second Warlock appeared, well… you know what to do.

Catastrophes Achievements


Complete each catastrophe at least once

Simple achievement here. Once you meet the Knight, go through and ace all of the Catastrophes once to achieve this one.


Complete any level 10 catastrophe and successfully make it through the levels

Pick one catastrophe that you like the most and finish it during work. Rinse and repeat until you reach level 10 before completing the level itself. Remember that the selection for catastrophe resets to random every time you finish a day’s work so you need to manually choose them.

Quick Catastrophe

Complete a level 10 catastrophe in less than 40 seconds and successfully make it through the level

Same as above, but with a time limit. As the levels increase, the amount of client you have to sort increase, culminating with 10 of them under sixty seconds. Here’s a tip: have a Bureaucrat nearby. Because his demand allows you to pick two destinations instead of one, you can reduce the chances of failure and take more risks in clearing the Catastrophe.

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