People Playground – Things You May Not Know

These are just a few things you may or not know about in peoples playground.

Note: some of these might be removed in the next update!

Most Things Can Be Pierced (Except Boxes)

You might’ve already known that you can pierce humans I mean if you didn’t know that have then like whats wrong with you why haven’t you stabbed anything in this yet?

But you might’ve not known that you can stab other things. Any wood thing (EXCEPT BOXES) can be pierced with swords, knives , axes and spears. Yes even wooden weapons such as the handle of the axe, baseball bat and stick.

Also if any human is on said wooden thing or behind it or any where that has been pierced can also get pierced so those wooden barricades wont protect you from sharp weapons any more now.

Chairs, pumpkins and plastic barrels can also be pierced.

An Actual Black Hole

Did you know there is an actual black hole in the game. Well if you didn’t know this already somehow if you use a generator or battery on the decimator it will infact turn into a black hole.

It will drag anything and I mean ANYTHING into it sometimes the things will go through the map to get to it.

Pumpkin Souls

Did you know if you destroy enough pumpkins a soul will come out. I estimated it is a 1/50 chance of this happening they also make like a ghost screaming sound but its not as scary as it sounds it is just like a… calm screaming? Just a little spooky thing I found!

Wooden Poles Pierce Also

You most likely already knew this but this wasn’t really the case a few updates ago you couldn’t really pierce anything with wooden poles in older versions of the game but now you can I guess.

Created by Agent Ulgrin


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