Persona 5 Royal – Kaguya Build Guide

Guide to make good Kaguya build.

Guide to Kaguya Build


  • Step 1: Fuse Nue and Hua po to fuse a Kaguya with Trait mighty Gaze.
  • Step 2: Itemization Power for bless boost skill card/ bless Amp (when the is fusion alarm).
  • Step 3: Itemization Chimera for Drain fire skill card.
  • Step 4: Kaguya learns repel physical.
  • Step 5: Use network fusion to get magic ability (randomly gives it you) Use gallows to give to Kaguya. Kaguya must be over lvl 40 to inherit.
  • Step 6: Itemization Tsukiyomi Picaro for spell master skill card.
  • Step 7: I like to give Kaguya Heal spell like salvation.

Kaguya unique skill shinning arrows is best bless move in the game.

Enjoy the build!

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