Persona 5 Strikers – What Are Friends For? Trophy / Achievement Guide

What Are Friends For? Trophy / Achievement


These requests are included in the “Those Who Heed the Call” achievement section, however, I felt the need of listing them here as well in order to make sure you don’t miss any request.

Make sure to check in with your friends every day and save regularly in order to ensure that you complete all of them.

Here is the list:

  • 03/08 – Sendai Sweets – Talk to Ann to receive it, then buy the stuff she wants from the shops / vending machines
  • 03/08 – Lending a Paw – Once you finish the requests in Shibuya and come back to Sendai, Morgana will ask you to help get stuff for Ann, talk to the NPCs in the park and once the lady in black talks to you head to the station, listen to the guy near Futaba next, then head back to the lady in black clothes, finally buy the stuff at Cafe Blue, the shop next to you
  • 11/08 – Love Soupreme – Talk to Ryuji and he will ask for Meal Tickets, set it as your active request in the menu and talk with the guy in the white shirt in front of the Akagire shop with a red sign, it will unlock another request you will have to finish first. Head back to this one after Request 25 and return again to the same shop, after talking to the guy again you can buy 2 meal tickets for this request
  • 11/08 – The Apothecary’s Connection – Sapporo Jail – Simply kill 10 Mothman as Sophia
  • 17/08 – Beachside Blast – Sapporo Jail – Talk to Makoto on the beach, the request wants you to buy a watermelon from one of the shop in Okinawa as well as to defeat 10 Jack Frost as Makoto
  • 18/08 – Okinawan Art Appreciation – Okinawa Jail – Talk to Yusuke after finishing the dungeon, you will have to kill 10 Shiisa as Yusuke
  • 24/08 – Cooking Papa – Talk to Zenkichi and you will be requested to Futaba and Haru, do that and cook the recipe they come up with
  • 24/08 – Obanzai Ingredients – When you talk to Haru about Zenkichis Request she will give you a list of ingredients she needs, buy them from the shops in the area as well as from Sophia in the RV
  • 24/08 – Forging the Ultimate Menu – After cooking the stuff with Haru talk to Futaba and she will also give you a list, get the stuff and deliver it – “What are Friends for?” Trophy should unlock after clearing this set of 3 Requests
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