Phantom Doctrine – How to Prevent a Poisoned Birthday Cake

A spy has breached our defenses! It could be any one of us: It could be you! It could be me! It could even be – Dies to karate chop.


Phantom Doctrine is not a perfect game, however, a thing it got right was MK ULTRA.

MK ULTRA is basically a brain washing room where you can make sleeper agents, saboteurs or just downright allies…the problem is, the enemy can do so as well!

Who’s Gonna Get Me Killed?

Every agent has a certain set of perks, some are “Can craft faster” or “Fast as F*ck, boy”, however some perks might be artificial and more malicious, sleeper agents are the best example.

Of course the agent isn’t just gonna tell you that there’s a killswitch in the back of his head, technically he doesn’t even know about it, so we need to find different ways:

These ways are the same as all, intel! Take some pictures of your latest vacation, beat the crap out of someone until they talk, keep your informers alive or solve some dossiers. All of these things have the chance of revealing a hidden perk (A question mark box in the perk area).

Of course not every hidden perk is ready to destroy every fiber of your being, some hints might help.

New agents and especially MIA agents that return could be a threat. MIA agents probably should be kept at HQ while they have a hidden perk.

What Will They Do If I Mess Up?

Murder, mostly murder.

SO, let’s say a sleepr agent got into your mission and the alarm was raised. Now enemy agents will attempt to activate your “Pal”, who will then be just another enemy agent…that’s it.

Unless you capture them back they’re just another enemy to deal with.

Some sleeper agents won’t get activated by an enemy but by simply being there when the alarm goes off.

So you could send your guy to a mission when you are certain things will go smooth.

Some are also simply moles and will raise the danger of your HQ (I think).

Indigo Is an Enemy Spy! What Now?

I’d say there are four ways to proceed:

  1. Kill them, murder solves all problems
  2. Brainwash them, you will actually wash out the sleeper agent crap
  3. Let them go, can’t sabotage from within when they aren’t in (However, they might turn up on the enemy side now)
  4. Keep them, high risk same reward, a sleeper agent can’t ruin your birthday party when they’re not activated.
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