Pharaoh: A New Era – Useful Tips and Tricks

Just some helpful tips and tricks for new players or those looking to play the renewed version of the game.

Tips and Tricks

Note: Credit goes to Monkey


  • While housing initially doesn’t require a 2 by 2 square house, higher quality housing requires it so best to start planning early. Be patient and wait for a house to be 2 by 2 before placing new housing next to it. You can create a design to get more people while you wait as you can always add housing after they’ve been established.
  • If workers are out of reach for buildings that need workers, place a single house nearby (just make sure people want to come to your city, otherwise it will be a vacant lot and the problem persists).
  • If require more population or workers, you can build a second or third city. Housing quality doesn’t need to be high, a lot of housing plus Water Supply should help out the shortfall.
  • Food is only required to upgrade housing, you can easily get more people with the basic house style (have a Water Supply NOT Well to maximise growth and don’t forget to build a Firehouse, Architect, Police Station and Clinic).


  • Trade will be your main income over Taxes. Try to establish a healthy trade income early (may require a lot of money to setup which you have when you first start). Familiarise yourself with what buildings you have available to produce goods (raw and processed) and also what each city is willing to buy. Sometimes you may need to import a raw resource to produce a processed one for export.
  • A healthy Trade income means Tax Collectors are not required (so residents are not taxed) and having no one getting taxed means people ALWAYS want to come to your city (City Sentient is very high and having high % of unemployment has no effect on Immigration). You do not need to build the Palace either since it’s to collect Taxes, you may still want to build it to increase Desirability, Aesthetics or mine gold in some maps.
  • Some missions require you to give resources to Egypt that you might normally sell as a export. When a request comes in, note the amount and set that to the minimum amount before you sell it off to reduce the stress of having to try to make it in time if the request comes again. You also have the option to Stockpile Resource to prevent the city using it while you work to the request.

Design / Layout

  • When more confident in building (usually after the tutorial stages are done), you can pause the game while building the layout of your city. Simply unpause when ready.
  • Each building (not housing) requires only 6 workers regardless of the size. Too much unemployment and little room? FIrehouses, Architects, Dentists, Police Stations, all can help.
  • Single Storage Yard per resource (you may include the raw resource and its processed form).
  • The Kingdom Road can be changed to suit your purpose If it’s winding and you prefer or need it to be straight. Simply pause and build the road you desire then remove the old version.

Warning: Make sure it’s complete otherwise a gap causes the game to fix it and may destroy any buildings in the way.

  • You are NOT required to build your city or cities on the Kingdom Road. You can build anywhere you see suitable, people and trade merchants still come to your city by walking across the land.
  • A plaza can only be built on a road upgraded with high desirability, but once built it remains. If the desirability drops, it still provides a small increase to desirability.
  • A Personal Mansion is required to give yourself a salary separate to city money that carries across to next missions. Once the mission objectives are completed however, you can’t simply keep collecting salary while still playing the mission. So if you wish to earn a lot before the mission completes, make sure it’s something easy to increase while putting your salary up high and letting the game run for months and months.
  • The monuments like Mastaba (especially Pyramids) take a long LONG time to build. It’s recommend to have AT LEAST 20 Plain Stone Quarries / Brickworks if not more depending on the size to try to quicken the build process.

Make sure you have a healthy trade income to even import the resources as a bonus amount (import value set high in case you produce before the merchant can sell any).

At least 2 Storage Yards just for monument resources near the monument/s should also help speed up the build.

  • You can build Irrigation Ditches in the meadow area without needing a Water Lift (won’t allow to be built on the border anyway). Once you get close to the water’s edge (or possibly at the edge), the ditch should fill up with water and increase the fertility of the farm by 20%.


  • Military Forts can be built anywhere where you have space for it. It doesn’t require a road, workers or even maintenance (like visits from an Architect or Firehouse).

It’s easy just to build a few Archer Forts so you have at least an army that’s quick to build up while you work on the other types.

Early game you can just have 4 Archer Forts and 2 Infantry Forts or possibly 6 Archer Forts to deal with any invading armies (Having the god Seth happy can help defend too).

  • In order for your Archers to use Composite Bows, you need to build a Bowyer (building) and Wood. This building doesn’t appear in the early stages of the game.
  • In order for your Infantry to use Shields, you need to build a Shield Maker (building) and Hides (gathered from Hunting Lodges later in the game). This building doesn’t appear in the early stages of the game.


Just mentioning ones that may require a little more insight to what sounds obvious. More may be added.

Fire In The Disco

This one is easy but time consuming, it takes several game years. Just build it behind some housing (so it doesn’t get workers) to help speed up the chance.

You can do it without housing but Houses raise quicker in Fire Risk and can spread to neighbouring buildings.


This one is easy but time consuming, it takes several game years. Just build it somewhere out of the way by itself.

Backyard View

Must have a complete square border of houses around the Pyramid (don’t forget to add where the Staging Platform was since it disappears on completion).

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