Phasmophobia – All In-game Items

This guide will go over all the current in-game items and explain how to use them effectively.

Beginner Equipment

You don’t lose them if you die. Unless you bring more.

These are the items you start with:

Spirit Box – The spirit box is used to get a vocal response from your ghost. A good note is that this will only work IF the ghost can actually respond. Not all ghosts can. Getting a response will help identify the type.

EMF Reader – This is a device that is seen to look similarly to a TV remote, but white with 5 LEDs. 3 green, 1 orange and 1 red. Typically ghosts interact with the environment or manifest as a physical appearance. The EMF reader can give a signal of 1-5. All ghosts can go to 4 but only certain ghosts can go to 5. Use this to help identify your ghost. It can also help in locating your haunted room.

Ghost Writing Book – This is a book you will find on the bottom shelf in your van. Its a book with a pencil in it. Only some ghosts will write in it. What they write has no effect on what ghost it is, only if it writes. If it writes you should use that to help identify the ghost. Place it in the haunted room.

Photo Camera – Works like you would thing. Take photos of things like a bone, writing in a book, the ghost, dirty water, etc. Doing this will provide extra cash. One camera only has 5 uses to take photos. Use it wisely.

Video Camera – Streams live feed to your van’s computer. Make sure you turn it on first (light should be green). Place it in the haunted room or anywhere you want to see from your van. Using this can show you ghost orbs. These should help you identify the type of ghost. You can purchase another item to make this better.

Flashlight – A must have. Your main source of sight. Use it to see through dark areas. While possessing the flashlight press T while holding something else to also use it.

UV Flashlight – Similar to a normal flashlight but doesn’t work the same. This is used to find ghostly fingerprints or if the ghost steps through salt they will leave footprints you would be able to see with the UV flashlight. Use only fingerprints to help identify the ghost.

Items You Can Find Inside the Buildings

These are items you can find inside the buildings your investigating:

Ouija Board – Only found during an investigation and is used for communicating to ghosts. With every contract you start there is a 33% chance it spawns. It can be found in places like attics, bedrooms, closets or around the house tucked away. Using it and getting a successful response will take some of your sanity. This can be useful. If it does not take your sanity you can identify the ghost to be a demon. This can also be a Daily Challenge.

Voodoo Doll – (In my experience) Only found on the Farmhouse contracts. Taking a picture of the Voodoo Doll after using it will provide photo reward money after the mission. To use it simply pick it up and throw it. Doing that has a chance for it to fly/move to the ghost room. A theory is removing the Voodoo Doll from the house will considerably anger the ghost and provoke a hunt.

Bone evidence – This is in the form of a bone. It can be within any map and is a little white bone. Before you pick it up for an extra $10, you should take a picture of it for more money too. Not extremely hard to find.

Purchasable Items

If you die you lose them.

These items are to assist you in identifying the ghost:

Lighter – A simple lighter. Can be used to light Smudge Sticks or Candles.

Candles – A source of light to help prevent massive sanity loss. Can be lit with a lighter. Can be purchased or found on the map. Apparently if you hold a lit candle the ghost can blow it out. Might be useful for finding a ghost room.

Smudge Sticks – Smudge sticks are a white wrap of sticks. To use them hold a lighter and press F on them or while having both a lighter and the smudge sticks in your inventory press F while holding the smudge sticks. Lighting them will cause them to produce smoke for a limited time. “Smoking” out a ghost room or near a ghost can deter them from hunting for 90 seconds per smudge stick used. You can bring a max of 4 for 6 minutes total.

Strong Flashlight – Better than your normal flashlight, functions the same. Provides a stronger light to see better. Not much else to say.

Thermometer – You have probably been using the EMF reader to find ghosts or you were lucky enough to have a ghost with the freezing temperature condition. Now instead of finding the exact location for a ghost you just need the general room! The thermometer is very useful and almost required for some harder contracts. It will show a usual temp of 15 Celsius and usually a ghost room is around 10 Celsius. Very useful.

Tripod – Using video camera effectively is probably hard because of finding a sweet spot to place the camera. Fear no more! The tripod is a stand for your cameras. You can place cameras onto the tripod by placing them as you would anywhere. Once a camera is placed you can pick up the tripod. You cannot store the tripod so using Q or scroll wheel will drop it. Works the same as the video camera. Basically an addition to it. ONLY works for video cameras.

Motion Sensor – Just a motion sensor with a medium range only out in front of it. If the light is red its not sensing anything. If its green then something triggered it. For most sensors you can see them on the map inside of the van on the monitor.

Sound sensor – Also visible on the van monitor. Covers entire rooms. Detects the quieter sounds and lets you narrow down ghost rooms.

Infrared Light Sensor – Detects movement similar to the motion sensor. Difference is when it goes off it will produce a light surrounding it.

Head Mounted Camera – Want to watch your friends die but not risk your own life? Here is the solution! It works similar to a video camera as it streams to the van’s computer. Allows you to watch the wearer’s POV. Don’t really use it a lot.

Glow Stick – A worse UV Flashlight. You have to throw it to see the fingerprints or footprints. Hard to use. Not very worth it.

Salt Shaker – Lets you find ghost footprints. One container produces 3 salt piles. If the ghost disrupts it you will notice the pile is shifted. Use a UV Flashlight or Glow Stick to see footprints.

Parabolic Microphone – Sound sensor on a stick. That’s all it is.

Sanity Pills – Almost needed for larger locations (Asylum / High School). They provide 40% of your sanity back. You can only bring 4 max. Use them wisely. Staying in light (not your flashlight) keeps your sanity the same. Lower sanity = Higher hunt chance.

Crucifix – Smudge sticks run out? Lower Sanity? Crucifix is the choice. Very useful item. When dropping (or holding) it makes a 3m (5m for Banshee) circle around it. If the ghost tries to initiate a hunt within that it will negate it and lost a use. Each one has 2 uses. Only can bring 2 per contract. I recommend placing them around doorways near the ghost room. If the ghost is already hunting a crucifix is useless.

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