Phasmophobia – Important Tips for Item Management

These are guidelines for completing a Professional run, focusing on the inventory, and aimed towards consistency and efficiency for the harder missions.

Important Tips for Item Management in Phasmophobia

These are guidelines for completing a Professional run, focusing on the inventory, and aimed towards consistency and efficiency for the harder missions.

First tip is obvious but it gets our mind in the right place: ALWAYS GRAB 3 items. This game includes a lot of trekking from the haunted location to the truck. We want to minimize the amount of trips to and fro. I will include a standard team load-out later in the video.

Second tip: ALWAYS DROP your items off on location. After you’ve done your sweep with the EMF or Thermometer, and you’ve found a likely area, drop everything but your flashlight. This frees up your inventory while leaving the items in a useful area to be used when you return. This also marks the correct room which is especially important on Asylum.

Third tip: AVOID GOING to the haunted room if you have no relevant items to contribute. After the location has been found everyone should be shifting from sweeping to investigation and that requires you to shift your load-out. We always need to think about minimizing our sanity loss. So instead of heading to the location then back to the truck, head straight back to the truck from wherever you are. The exception to this is if you brought an evidence item (aka Ghost Box, Ghost Book, UV Flashlight, or Video Camera) in your 3rd item slot.

Fourth tip: Try to drop all your items in a pile and leave the items on. Keeping them together avoids fumbling when on-site and looking for a specific item. Leaving the item on allows it to be more easily identified in the dark, and the item can still alert you to activity. This is especially true of the EMF reader. Bonus tip here: Slap a glowstick down in the pile to make everything even more visible. They last forever, and who doesn’t love purple

Fifth tip: When returning to the truck, drop your flashlight at the front door. Continuing with the theme of efficiency, by dropping the flashlight at the front you get another slot to grab something at the truck. Then you can drag another item closer to the haunt location, without making any extra trips.

Anti-tip: Should you drag all the items to the front door before entering the house? Some people insist on this, and on intermediate and amateur this technically makes sense as it allows you to maximize your safety setup time, which is 2 and 5 minutes. On Professional, however, the only timer counting against you is your sanity and if you follow the other tips in this guide you won’t need to do this ever.

Finally, here is a basic team setup I used on Professional Asylum with 4 people. I will be avoiding the more niche items, and just focusing on the necessities to have a safe, quick run.

  • (Strong Flashlight, EMF) x2
  • (Strong Flashlight, Thermometer) x2
  • Third item is a flex spot.

If splitting into groups of 2, make sure you have an EMF guy and Thermo guy in each group. The flex spot should be a photo camera, for if you find the bone/voodoo doll, or a defensive item (aka the cross) to drop on-site. If you want to get cheeky you can grab the parabolic or sound sensor in your flex spot. I may go over specific strategies or the use of more niche items in a separate video.

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