Phasmophobia – Surviving Tips and Best Strategy (New Update)

Ghost hunting has been recently changed in this new update.

In this guide, I will explain ideal tips to surviving the new hunts as well as what obstacles you may face.

Tips and Tricks

What is That Geiger Counter Sound I Am Hearing?

That is the new ghost clicking sound, or perhaps even your DOTS projector freaking out during a hunt. I am not sure myself.

But if it’s the ghost, then that means you can hear it throughout the whole house. Also handy for determining where the ghost is, as it seems to increase in volume from my own experimentation with a very uncooperative Shade.

Likewise, you should still be quiet during a hunt. I’ve heard that ghosts are much faster during hunts now, even if it isn’t a Revenant, so if you hear that clicking sound or any equipment freaking out… RUN.

Surviving These New Hunts

The golden rule of hunts is to remain quiet. It reduces your chance of dying heavily, as well as now turning off your flashlight as the ghost can hear that somehow.

Use sound as a distraction to the ghost using the emf setup I discussed. And if your feeling a lack of confidence even with these precautions in mind, it would not hurt to have a smudge stick with a lighter in your hand. You shouldn’t do this on 3-4 player games though because 1 or 2 of your friends may be at much more risk if they don’t have a smudge stick, so I’d use this on a solo or 2 player game.

There is an exception to you making noise, and that’s Banshees. If you figure out your target, go as loud as you want. The Banshee will ignore you if you are not the target, but make sure your target stays inside if that’s the case. Still be careful.

That’s all. It’s a really short guide, but these are my tips. Stay safe, hunters!

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