Phasmophobia – The Mysterious Crucifix Guide

This paranormal guide can be useful if you want to understand how does the Crucifix works in Phasmophobia.

Basic Info

The crucifix is a very useful item that can be purchased at shop for 30$.

It is used to prevent ghosts from attacks on you, that is “hunting”.

It will save you from a ghost hunt.

The Right Way to Use It

If you put the Crucifix within 3 meters of yourself, you will be able to prevent the ghost hunt and stay safe, since the ghost’s attempts to start hunting you will not be successful.

Also do not forget Crucifix can successfully be used in both ways: when it placed on the floor or while you holding it in your hands.

You are totally safe.

Some Advices

I’d recommend always buying the maximum number of Crucifixes (x2) that you can take with you to the contract.

One Crucifix can be used twice, by the way. until it’s completely broken.

For after a couple of ghost’s unsuccessful attempts to attack you, the Crucifix will always be irrevocably broken for the rest of the entire contract. So, use it carefully!

Have to say about something else – for “Demon”, the Crucifix works for 5 meters instead of 3 like for all other ghosts. Demon is a very aggressive ghost and you can have a few decent attempts to stop him by your Crucifixes. Good Luck with that!


The Crucifix will not work if:

  1. If it’s too far from a ghost (the ghost is not in range of it).
  2. If it’s an already ongoing hunt.
  3. If one of cursed possession items has been used by a player to start a Cursed Hunt.

Additional Info

The crucifix range is not limited by any obstacle such as walls and doors. Which means that it’s possible for crucifixes to be used anywhere provided the ghost is within its range at the investigation area.

Each time a crucifix used, an additional minimum cooldown period of 5 seconds will be given before the ghost can attempt to initiate another hunt.

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