Phasmophobia – Very Useful Information

Now I will tell you all the useful information about Phasmophobia.

Ouija Board

  • You probably already know that by asking questions on the Ouija board you are losing your mind, but you are probably wondering how this happens. Asking the right question on the Ouija board to a ghost will make you lose your mind.
    By asking the wrong questions, nothing happens to your mind. When you have finished using your Ouija board, be sure to turn it off. If you do not turn it off, she will hear all your conversations in the house and may work

Banshee Ghost

  • If you play in three or four, then you should not be afraid of this ghost, because with so many people you have a 75% chance that the banshee will not touch you. Because the description about the banshee says “He chooses only one target” and that is, during the hunt, he will only follow the target that he has chosen, and he will not touch you at all, and you can safely walk near him. Also, the banshee will not appear until its target enters the house.


  • The crucifix has a very small radius, so if you want to use it, you must know in advance where the ghost will appear and stand in this place. If you want to learn more about the crucifixion, you can visit my guide dedicated to him.

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