Pixel Piracy – How to Get The Hell Achievement

A quick guide going over how to gain the newly added Hell achievement. Includes text and video.

The Hell Achievement Guide

This is a short guide on how to get the HELL achievement in Pixel Piracy as of PC version v1.2.33. This achievement was newly added as March of 2023.

Step 1

Our captain and crew face off and defeat at least one legendary pirate. The legendary pirates are in the four far corners of the map.

Step 2

The captain needs to find a “Rumor Man” on a town island. A small chit chat will give you further instruction.

Step 3

Witches located on town islands will sell the sailors enough arsenic to poison the entire crew. One vial per crewmate.

Step 4

A certain land formation with a purple icon is located somewhere in the map. This is Suicide Island.

Step 5

After stepping foot on Suicide Island the entire crew can commit a mass die with all the arsenic as instructed by the NPC named Charnel Voodoo.

Step 6

The world turns red and starts to burn. You are now in HELL. In Hell you’ll have to face off 15 waves of skeletons that appear on either side. Living through this onslaught grants the achievement.

If you already have this achievement but havn’t played the content it could be because you gained a defunct 2014 xmas achievement which has seemingly been repurposed as this one.

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