Pizza Tower – How to Beat Up the Vigilante

How to P Rank the Vigilante

Like 80% of the Fight

After the vigilante gets damaged, if you time it right (right before he starts sliding) and charge the gun, you can kill him before he does anything stupid and dumb, this is how you’re going to breeze through the fight, only worry in both phases when he’s down 5 health, though if you did it too early or the cardboard blocked your bullet, here’s a general guide to dodge his attacks.

  • Gun

Time your jumps, this is the most annoying attack.

  • Dynamites

Don’t stand still and pay attention to where the bomb goes.

  • Jumping smg

Attack him during the charge-up because you can really get 1 bullet in when attacking while landing and yes this is enough time to damage him if you did the trick mentioned earlier.

  • Boots

Pay attention and jump over him.

  • Flamethrower

Jump over him, parrying doesn’t work and running up the walls wastes time.

  • Cow

Will explain later plus its hard to skip this one.

  • Bazooka

Honestly just pray, other than that jump when the rocket hits the ground, be wary of the initial explosion.

Dumb Stupid Ghost (And First Bazooka)

Parry him, or bait him to one side and shoot him down, for the first time he appears during phase 1 the most consistent way i found is to jump and parry him then dodge the bazooka, that attack is bs and most likely where your run ends, thank god if you get past.

I’m mentioning this because unless you have good timing you cant get the vigilante with the big bullet, and it doesn’t insta-kill anyways so you’d still have to deal with it.


Phase 1 is not a problem but phase 2 is where your other runs will die after the bazooka part, my best advice is to parry if you think you’re going to get hit, and to not forget the vigilante.

If your motto was to “Kill him before he pulls more bs out of his arse” then maybe slow down and pay attention during the last part even though it’s a good motto

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