Pizza Tower – How to Get All Clothing Items

This guide will help you obtain all 19 alternate palettes for Peppino Spaghetti (and Gustavo too). Every set of clothes has their own way of obtaining them, some harder than other, but these methods are never mentioned in game. While you could be scratching your head on how to even get one of them, this in-depth guide will help you obtain ALL of them.

Guide to Obtain All Clothing Items

Note: Credit goes to weester9

Introduction: What are Clothes?

Peppino needs clothes. Not only because game would be VERY different if he didn’t, but also because they are a way to show what you have achieved in-game. Clothes are unlocked in a variety of ways, but unlike achievements, they will save across all your save files. There are a total of 19 in total waiting to be collected, so having a complete wardrobe may take some dedication on your part. Now, let’s begin.

Classic Cook

You start out with this outfit. There is no work involved in your part other than starting up the game.

Unfunny Cook

Finish a combo on the “Unfunny” title. This is anywhere between 75 to 79. Keep in mind, finishing a combo means you have to let the combo timer run out. Exiting the level won’t work.

Money Green

Have the maximum amount of money by world 2. This means you need to find all the toppins in world 1 and all the toppins in world 2. Be advised: you won’t be able to get this outfit if you buy the 2nd boss gate.

Sage Blue

Beat all floor 1 levels (excluding the boss) within 1 hour. A straightforward achievement. If you’re having trouble, remember that you aren’t required to collect anything during the process. Beat the level and move on.

Blood Red

Kill 1000 enemies in one playthrough. You generally obtain this naturally, and there is really no way to rush it. Bear in mind, if you kill the same enemy while replaying a level, it will still be added to your counter.

TV Purple

This one’s very challenging. You need to P-rank every single level except for boss stages. P-ranking a level requires one to save all the toppins, find the secret treasure, locate every secret eye, complete the 2nd lap, all while keeping a combo started on the first room. There is no way to make this easier. Practice and determination are the main factors that will help you here. Learn the level, keep up your combo, and check every nook and cranny for collectibles. If you’re stuck, keep in mind that your combo meter fills when you get points or certain items and freezes during transitions to different forms or rooms. Your combo is only lost if you fail to go 5 seconds without collecting anything that restores it.

Dark Cook

Another challenge. Beat every boss without taking damage. Most bosses have patterns that can be learned quickly which lowers the intensity of the fight, but others throw some rng into the mix. Study the boss, work on parrying, and get into a rhythm, and soon enough, you’ll win without taking a single hit of damage.

Sh!tty Cook

Not gonna lie, it should have been called Sh!tty Chef, but oh well. You need to crouch without moving for 10 seconds in a certain level. I’m sure you can guess which one.

Golden God

S-rank every level except for bosses. More or less the same deal as P-ranking everything except you don’t have to keep a combo. Follow the same advice, but don’t worry if your combo fizzles out or miss a secret room. Just get as many points as you can, and you’ll be fine.

Garish Cook

Taunt 50 times. Very basic. Mash c or whatever you set your taunting keybind to. You should get this in under a minute.

Mooney Orange

Donate to Mr. Mooney. To keep this guide spoiler free, let’s just say you need to collect all the toppins. Most toppins are fairly easy to locate, but some are well hidden. Don’t go too far off the beaten path, but make an effort to check for any cages with our adorable friends inside.

Funny Polka

Finish a combo on the “Funny” title. The funny title is anywhere from 70 to 74 even though you may have expected it to be 69. Exactly the same as Unfunny Cook but just a little easier.

Itchy Sweater

In the Pig City level, the first room houses a Grandpa Pepper. While he may not be visible at first, try jumping over the door to enter the city and make your way through the walls. Be warned, getting too close to him will cause him to… kindly ask you to move aside. Doing so grants you a brand new clothing item.

Pizza Man

Beat the game. There’s nothing else I can really say.

Bowling Stripes

Kill 30 bowling rats. Bowling rats are blockade like enemies that can only be beaten in the ball transformation. They show up most frequently in the Golf level. If you can’t seem to get this flashy piece of attire, try replaying Golf until you do.


Get every achievement in the game. This includes S-ranking every stage and beating every boss hitless among others, but you don’t need to get the P-rank achievements. Every level has 3 achievements attached to it. You can find information on how to get them in the chef’s hat room located on every floor. Obtaining methods vary with some achievements require you to go through an entire level without getting hit by a certain attack like in Ancient Cheese while others require you to explore every suspicious corner for a secret room like in Fun Farm. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually be awarded with the shiniest piece of clothing you’ll ever see.

Bad Bones

Get hit 50 times. Similar to Blood Red and Garish Cook, this just happens naturally during the completion of the game, but if you want it sooner, try running into the same enemy over and over again.

PP Shirt

Beat the game twice. Same deal as Pizza Man, just do it again. Keep in mind, you will have to do so on another save file. Beating the final boss twice will not count.

War Camo

Beat War on your first try. Beat the War level located on floor 5 on your first try. I don’t want to ruin the fun, but it’ll be hard to do so if you’re going in blind. Let’s just say you’ll need to be fast. If you failed or restarted the level before you could finish it, you WILL need to use a new save file. Even worse, if your save files are full, you’ll have to delete one to try again. Be careful!

John Suit

Get the game’s good ending in under 2 hours and 15 minutes. This may seem daunting, but it’s really not that bad. To get the good ending, you just have to find all the secret treasures, and 2.25 hours gives you room to retry a few levels if you missed it. Heck, I was even able to get the good ending in under 2 hours flat. Write down the locations of Gerome and the door if you can’t seem to remember where there were, and keep in mind that you can forget 9 toppins and still be fine. A bit of a challenge, but anyone can do it with enough practice.

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