Pizza Tower – How to Play as the Noise (Without Mods)

How to access a (broken and unfinished) playable version of the noise in pizza tower!

Guide to Play as the Noise

Enabling Devmode

First off you need to enable the developer console by enabling dev/debug mode. To do this go to pizza tower’s steam page in your library, hit the settings button on the right, click properties, and type in the launch params “-debug”

If you now boot up pizza tower and hit F5 the dev console should appear.

Accessing the Character Select

Now that the dev console is available, we’ll use commands to access the demo character select (note if you do this before selecting a file it will use file 1 automatically, meanwhile doing this after selecting a file might lag the game, pick your poison I guess).

Enter the command “player_room characterselect A” (this is case sensitive). Now all you need to do is select your character (press right and select the noise you idiot!! nobody likes that stupid pizza boy anyways). Note that if you’re using controller doing this breaks the jump for some reason (cant move left or right or groundpound while jumping, this isnt the case if you dash jump or use keyboard).

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