Planet Zoo – Successful Start

Quick and easy way to start your zoo off strong.

Getting Started

I’ll keep this simple and easy. This is how I always start my zoos and it works for any zoo type you’re working on.

  • Continue the central path away from the entrance for at least 1 max length click – I recommend using this to widen the path to max width, but it’s not a necessity
  • Make a staff path off to one side at least one full length click away from the main path – this’ll put it far enough away that it won’t bother guests
  • Place all staff buildings at the end of staff path – the doors will usually connect to the path automatically, but you may have to add the paths manually from here.

Recommended: use shells for staff buildings to further decrease the chance of guest unhappiness

  • Hire 1 of every kind of staff right off the bat – yes, including a vendor. having the extra vendor will be nice when you have shops
  • Place and fill a handful of exhibits – they’re easy to maintain and make easy money to fund the bigger projects (habitats)
  • Start mechanic and vet research right away – the faster you unlock things, the faster you grow
  • Check exhibits regularly – exhibit animals tend to reproduce a lot. sell oldest and extra offspring for quick, easy and fast cash. keep either the youngest mating pair or the highest quality pair.
Created by Anomaly

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