Planetbase – Total Security Setup

Create a high-security starport/landing area that removes all options from invaders.


The basic idea is to completely surround a map area dedicated to landing sites to easily control every entry.

  • Start with a medium Control Center.
  • Build and connect an O2 Generator.
  • Build a 2nd Control Center opposite the 1st and connect to the O2 Generator.
  • Continue to build base from first Control Center in one direction, and whatever building you attached the second Control Center to in the other to encircle a large area. Make sure you leave enough room in the enclosure to build at least a Landing pad, a Starport, and 2 Airlocks. Connect NO additional buildings to the O2 Generator. By leaving the second Control Center as a dead-end, you eliminate traffic except for guards and new arrivals.
  • Save last available real estate opposite O2 Generator for a VL Storage.
  • Build 4 or 5 Security Consoles in each Control Center. Do NOT build an Arms Locker in the 2nd Control Center. It may cause unarmed colonists to be moving through the area.
  • Build landing sites in enclosed area – I had room for 2 Landings and a Starport.
  • Build Airlock (A) connected to O2 Generator.
  • Build Airlock (B) connected to VL Storage.


Leave Airlock (A) open as the only way for new arrivals to enter the base. Airlock (B) should be powered off until a large trade is made that involves resources in the VL Storage it’s connected to. In that case, set landing permissions to Traders only to keep the area clear of new arrivals until the trade is completed. Remember to turn Airlock (B) back off and reassign permissions.

When invaders arrive, simply allow them through Airlock (A) one at a time. Each will be spotted immediately in the O2 Generator, and have manned Control Centers ahead wherever they turn. The rest have nowhere to go, and will just wait outside the Airlock until it re-opens. As there is no reason for any colonist except for Guards to be in that area, colonist deaths are very unlikely. Or, alternatively, disable Airlock (A) and let ’em suffocate.

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