PlanetSide 2 – How to Fast Track the 20 Year Anniversary Event Directives

This guide gives you a short overview of the Event Directives for the 20 Year Anniversary to Unlock the NS-D Helios and to tell you which you should avoid, which you should go for and how you may achieve them as fast/effectively as possible.

Guide to Fast Track the 20 Year Anniversary Event Directives

The Directives

This Event gives you a total of 9 Directives to choose from, from which you need to complete 4 for the final 4th tier. These Dircetives are…

Apex Predator – Kill with Apex Weapons

  • Armored Conlfict – Destroy or assist in destroying vehicles while being inside a vehicles yourself
  • Building Blocks – Deposit Cortium in Contested Area Silos
  • Focused Assault – Kill Dudes during Alerts
  • Foothold – Capture construction facilities
  • Helping Hand – Heal Teammates or Repair their Stuff
  • Hold the Line – Earn Ribbons for Capturing, Defending and Killing around Capture Points
  • Hot Drop – Deploy Friendly Troops to the battlefield where they kill Stuff
  • Module Mastery – Overload/Capture/Stabilize modules

And to make a long story short the main four you should go for are:

  • Focused Assault
  • Armored Conflict
  • Foothold
  • Module Mastery

The Ones you can go for are:

  • Hot Drop
  • Hold the Line

The ones you should avoid are:

  • Helping Hand
  • Building Blocks
  • Apex Predator

The Good Ones and How You Can Achieve Them

In the following Chapter I’m gonna give some pointer on how to complete my reccomended 4 Directives.

Focused Assault

Idk, just wait for an Alert to start and shoot people. It’s by far the easiest and most straight forward directive to complete.

Armored Conflict

Also a pretty simple one to complete. If you have a friend you can grab a Liberator or if you play alone grab your factions specific light aircraft and wreak Havoc. Otherwise my recommendation is to just grab either your preferred Tank or a Sunderer and Join an armor column for more survivability.


Now we get into what this update is actually about. To get Progess towards Foothold you need to Capture construction facilities, but wtf does that even mean.

Construction Facilites are specific Map Hexes, where there are no natural Spawns and (as far as i understand) instead there now is a pump, which generates Cortium by itself, making it a prime target for Base Builders. These Hexes have their own symbol, which can be seen here.

Every continent has a diffrent amount of these:


  • Solus Nature Annex (East)
  • Cobalt Geological Outpost (South West)


  • Stillwater Watch (North East)
  • Spiral Oasis (South East)
  • Tapp Waystation (South West)


  • None


  • Sunken Relay Sation (Noth East)
  • Berjess Overlook (South)
  • Lowland Trading Post West)


  • Has a lot (11 if I counted correcly)

To Capture those bases you of course have to hope that the enemy either already owns one that has a connection to your Territory or is in the process of capturing one (don’t help defending it unless it is for a different Directives, because i think a successful defense doesn’t count towards the Foothold objective.

Once this is complete either

Join a Platoon and hope you target one of those Hexes (which doesn’t always work) or…
Drive a Sunderer Close to the Base, Deploy it and wait for some other randoms to help you in Destroying/Capturing the Base.

The way you capture it, is by running into the circle of the pump (which has the symbol of the faction currently holding it floating around it) and then capture and hold it like any other Base. But be careful because if the hex is captured and you aren’t in close proximity (stay in the circle to be sure) you won’t get any progress.

This Directive can be a bit RNG depended, so if you have problems you can use one of the Backup Directives. But Should you be not successful than you can still use the attacking of those bases for the next Directive

Module Mastery

This can be one of the easier ones as well. To complete it just look for a player base, run into it and look for building, where you can overload modules. These are usually easy to see, since they glow in rather vibrant colors. You can make this directive easier for you in one of the following ways:

  • Overload Modules, while you attack the construction facility hexes as mentioned in the previous chapter
  • If you want to be a rat, you can grab a Valkyrie, play Infiltrator, drop over a decently large player base and stay invisible while running between modules.
  • If you want to be a rat and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you can wait until the servers are rather dead or you go to a continent with few players on it (I used Oshur), since there people usually build to complete the daily quest for Building and either wait until their done building or until they have build a decent base and leave to get more cortium and then fly in and overload their modules.

Pro Tip: The Modules don’t need to explode for you to gain progress. You just need to overload them, so if you wanna cheese this you can either grab a friend or convince a player from a different faction to overload their modules, so they can flip them back and repeat.

The Reserve and Why They’re Still Decent

If you dislike or just can’t do one of the previous mentioned directives i can recommend 2 more to fall back on

Hot Drop

A Directive that i know the least about, since for the two accounts i finished the event with. it was almost always done to a certain degree + i usually went for the previously mentioned 4. But it should still be pretty easy.

But I guess to work towards this one you can join a platoon and volunteer as the Galaxy pilot or Sunderer driver.

Hold the Line

Just play the Alert and Attack/Defend Bases, while putting a bigger focus on the attacking or the defending. Takes in my experience rather long but still doable.

The Bad and Why You Should Avoid Them

The remaining 3 won’t get their own chapter and instead I’m quickly going over them and why they’re bad.

Helping Hand

In short: It takes forever. You need to gain exp 50 times for one Ribbon/one point towards the directive and if I remember correctly you need to get the Helping Hand Ribbon around 30 times for the final level. Doable for sure, but very very time intensive.

Building Blocks

It also takes a long time, since a) you need to find enough Cortium to fill the relevant Silo (I’m not sure, but I think you need to deposit more Cortium for the final level than one silo can hold) and b) the relevant Silo NEEDS to stay in a contested zone to count towards the directive, so if you either have a faction that is too good or too bad, then frontline might quickly move away.

Also not to mention that a contested zone turnes your ant into a prime target for basically anything.

Apex Predator

Requires you to have Apex Weapons which you can only obtain by buying them with daybreak cash. So if you bought them I guess it’s a free Directive, but for everyone else it’s a useless one.

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