Plankton – How to Beat Level 12

General Idea

  • Basically all you need to do is wait until the enemy is close to you and then click on your character, but be aware of the direction your character is looking at. You won’t get the enemy if it isn’t in your line (green area).
  • Your mouth only has a really small window for when it’s able to reach (purple area).
  • Click on your character (marked in red) once you feel ready to get the enemy.
  • Be aware of the direction you’re currently looking at. You’ll only move in this direction so you have to make sure the enemy is in position. (marked in green).
  • This is where your bait (red circle) comes in play.
  • You can’t control it but it’ll make the enemy get in your range.
  • The enemy will follow the bait for a while.
  • Make sure your character looks exactly at the enemy once you go for the click (the green area from before).
  • The direction your character will go is marked as purple in this example.
Created by Penturexx

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