Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Black Screen Fix

I really hope you dont have this issue, but if you do, here’s what to do!

What to Do if Your Game Is Stuck on a Black Screen Upon Opening [Windows]

The Issue

Is your game stuck on a black screen upon opening? have you sat there for at least 3 minutes thinking to yourself, “is this thing gonna open?” did you give up after about 5 minutes? yeah well i’m sorry to say this, but you’ve found the issue. your game isn’t loading/opening! screw you ominous black-screen-of-refusal!

What to Do when You Encounter The Issue

So first thing’s first, i want you to go down to the bottom of your screen, where this magical search bar is.

When you’ve found it, search for the Task Manager app.

When you’ve found it, open task manager up and search for the app you want to close. (For this guide, look for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville)

(Please ignore the screams of agonizing pain coming from my pc)

You found it? Good. Now right click the task and hit “End task.” after you do, it should close the game, meaning you can reopen to see if it worked!

These steps have always helped me with this issue, if it works for you, please lmk!

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