Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year – How to Cheese Towering Wisdom with Infinite Money

This is a guide on how to use an infinite money exploit to get the Towering Wisdom achievement quickly.

The Exploit

To get infinite money you must preform the following Exploit

  1. Start any mini-game except Zombiquarium
  2. Win the mini-game but don’t grab the trophy/money bag
  3. Leave the game
  4. Select the mini-game you chose in step 2 and click continue
  5. Grab the trophy/money bag

Every time you re-select your chosen mini-game you will be able to go back to the moment just before you grabbed the trophy/money bag and continually get the money from picking them up.

The Achievement

Now that you’ve earned the infinite money you can spend it on tree food and grow it to 100 feet (or higher if you feel like unlocking some additional cheats) and you will get the achievement.

It will cost $245,000 to afford to grow it that high assuming you use the 4 free bags Crazy Dave gives you.

Thanks for reading the guide.

Created by Kronidos

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