Pokemon Masters – How to Play Co-Op

Pokemon Masters creates a twist on the traditional turn-based Pokemon gameplay with its 3 vs 3 Trainer battles. Part of this includes allowing players to join together with up to two other real players to battle against enemies in the main story missions. 

How to Play Co-Op

Oddly enough, Pokemon Masters does a poor job of explaining how to use the cooperative multiplayer mechanic. When you go to do missions, you will see the co-op mode next to the single player experience but pressing on it when you first start the game won’t do anything. 

Worse still, Pokemon Masters doesn’t explain when or how you will be able to unlock the multiplayer mode. You can actually play the game for hours and still not see an option to unlock co-op. If you think you’ve done something wrong, you haven’t as you have to reach an important milestone first. 

To unlock co-op in Pokemon Masters, you must play through the main story in single player until you reach Chapter 10. Beating Chapter 10 will notify you that you are able to unlock the co-op multiplayer. You will need to complete two required tutorials immediately before you can move on.

Completing those two tutorials will allow you to then select the co-op option in the missions screen. Selecting it will take you to an entirely separate missions section where you can do events and main story missions with other players. The one odd catch is that you can only do co-op story missions starting from Interlude 1 and through Chapter 18. 

When you play co-op with two other players, you can bring a full team and pick one Pokemon to use in battles at a time. You are able to switch between your three available Pokemon at any time and each player takes turns making moves. 

Is There PvP Multiplayer?

There is no PvP multiplayer in Pokemon Masters at launch; only co-op. There are no plans at this time for player versus player multiplayer. 

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