Polyville Canyon – Beginners Guide

Get started with the basics in Polyville Canyon!

Welcome to Polyville Canyon!

You find yourself arriving at a charming little train station just outside of Polyville City. The local construction company, Polyville Construction, has hired you to do all of the work, and you agreed because you are probably going to make a TON of money doing this. And besides, it sounds fun!

Your Goal

Your goal in Polyville Canyon is to build a large flow of income via Train Tickets in order to build your Villagers’ dream city! To do this, you must place buildings, roads, and decorations all over town. The more you build, the more you will earn. The more you earn, the more you can build!

Missions & Objectives

Tutorial Missions

Sam, the construction Foreman, will hand out some initial missions to help you learn the lay of the land in Polyville Canyon. These missions can be skipped if you’ve already played through them, however, they do provide a nice early-game boost to income and your XP levels.

These missions will automatically be assigned during the tutorial. Once completed, Sam will go on vacation and optional missions begin.

Optional Missions

Once Sam is done teaching you the ropes, he takes a vacation and then it’s up to you to engage with other Villagers to see if they need anything done! There will always be someone waiting to ask you for something, but they always pay handsomely for it!


All missions come with an award, so it’s a good idea to keep them going regardless of how easy they are. Some missions will simply ask you to build a decoration while others will request much more expensive building requirements to complete. Either way, you will always receive some XP and Income for completing missions!

Buildings & Decorations

The construction company provided a catalog of all of the available buildings and decorations they know how to build. Building one is as simple as clicking on the item picture and dragging it to the spot you want to put it!

With the item catalog open, you can browse through 5 main categories:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Decorations
  • City Services
  • Roads

Item Info

Every item has a description, cost to build, XP reward, level requirement, and the income bonus the item provides. You can check the details of each item from the item catalog.


When you place an item in your town, a duplicate of the same building will automatically spawn (if you have enough money) to save you the trouble of opening the catalog again. Sometimes, you will find that you want a row of houses, or multiple trees.


Items are placed piece by piece in Polyville Canyon. This includes every section of road, every decoration and every building. Placing items will snap to a grid, by default. You can turn the snapping off in the Options menu if you want more detailed placement, however, it is not necessary.

Item Limits

You can have as many of each type of building or decoration as you want. If you want 10 Town Halls in your town, well that’s up to you! There are no limits to the number of each item you can build.

Selling Items

You can sell anything that you’ve purchased, but at a discounted rate. Typically you will receive 75% of what they are currently selling for.

The Train & Income

The Train is the main source of income. Income is based on the current ticket prices and how many Villagers are Arriving and Departing on each train.

Every building you place in your town adds to the ticket price per Villager. Some buildings will provide more arriving and/or departing passengers per train. Your goal is to build a lot of every type of building in order to increase all three factors: Ticket Prices, Number of Arriving Villagers, and Number of Departing Villagers.

The more that you build, the higher your ticket prices become. Higher level buildings increase ticket prices even more, so keep earning XP to level up to access them!

Time Controls

The Train arrives twice a day, or every 6-hours game time. You can speed up time in Polyville Canyon anytime you wish. There are three speed levels: Normal, 2x and 3x speeds.

There are no real-time waiting periods in Polyville Canyon. The only “timer” in the game is the one that waits for train arrivals; however time can be sped up to shorten the wait time to just a couple of minutes.

XP and Leveling Up

You will earn XP for every building you place, every objective completed, and every time the train arrives! You will need to earn XP in order to level yourself up. Every level will award you with new Villagers, Buildings, Decorations, and sometimes new Locations! Keep leveling up to unlock all of the available items and locations to really expand for the Villagers!


There are 20 unique and colorful characters found in Polyville Canyon. At the beginning of the game, only 2 are available to view on the train station platforms and walking around town. These first two do not provide any specific bonuses; however, every Villager from level 2 and up provide unique bonuses!

Villager Bonuses include:

  • Decreased cost to buildings and decorations
  • Additional income from train arrivals
  • Additional happiness or XP

Once you have enough roads in your town, you will start seeing Villagers walking around town. Which Villagers are walking around depend on your current level. You can interact with each and every villager by clicking on them and selecting the “eye” icon. This gives you a first-person view or Polyville Canyon! You can also view info about each one like their name, the income bonus they provide and what’s on their mind that day!

Villager Happiness

Happiness is simply a measure of how happy your Villagers are. Decorations are the only items in the game that provide happiness to the Villagers, and the amount needed to keep them happy is based on your current XP. The higher level you are, the more Happiness you will need to keep the meter at 100%!

Keeping your happiness meters high provides a significant income bonus when the train arrives. While it’s extremely helpful to have these bonuses applied, keeping your happiness meter up is not required! Having a low happiness meter does not negatively affect anything, but you will lose out on some significant income bonuses.

Economy and Disasters

No bad things ever happen in Polyville Canyon, and that includes earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, or fires! No burglaries to worry about, and no crime rates to monitor! There are no electrical grids to establish, and no sewage waste to pump into the rivers.

Polyville Canyon’s economy is already perfectly balanced, so you don’t have to worry about setting taxes on different types of zones, or enacting government polices to stop workers from striking. The Villagers in Polyville Canyon are just happy to be there and will gladly fork over their money for another Train Ticket!

Don’t sweat the details, just build your dream town and give everyone a nice place to live and work and they’ll thank you for it!


There are multiple locations to build out in Polyville! Level up to unlock new areas to play.

Each location has a unique terrain providing a little challenge for your layouts, however, there is always enough room to make it look beautiful!

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