Portal with RTX – How to Fix Performance Issues

A basic guide to fix the FPS issues regarding your game.


Hello there! Normally I was gonna make a guide to a other game that had optimization problems but it appears that the master piece named Portal is killing PCs left and right with the RTX while holding the Mixed title on the reviews as I write this guide

You would think that becouse this is a Nvidia sponsored product they would take good care of it? But no its modern game industry ♥ like this happens frequently with Triple A titles so let’s fix this mess in simple 3 steps

The Holy Fix

Just do these 3 steps and save yourself from Portal with RTX on 30 FPS

  • Press ALT+X in game
  • DLSS 3.0 – Change to Custom
  • Super Resolution Mode – Change to Ultra Performence

Goodbye For Now

Also considering how defensive SOME part of the audience can get as seen with the notoriously bad port of another Valve game’s “defenders” ramble about. Get ready to prepare your gigantic ignore button for those people and enjoy the experience that -hopefully- this guide made it better for you

Thanks for Reading.

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