POSTAL 4: No Regerts – Dude Vinci Code Guide

All the paintings are available on Monday starting with a new game in 1.0. I’ve listed which houses to look in order to get this achievement.


I’ve listed the locations with the first word being West, East or Middle as the location in reference to the world map.

The grouping of houses are what are being referenced here. If there is a second direction then it the grouping of where in that section or a reference to an isolated building in that area. If there is a italicized name, it is the name of the store/shop which can be found in that part of the map. After the hyphen is where in the building the painting is located. While the parenthesis are what the picture is of.

For example:

  • East Far West house 2nd floor bedroom (Katana woman Birth of Venus)

Would mean on the East side of the world map, the farthest house in the west on the second floor bedroom is a purple painting of a Katana woman referencing the Birth of Venus.

Painting Locations

Purple Paintings:

  • Middle Anus inn-top floor, use boxes to make way to attic area, on left hand wall (gimp mask)
  • West South right side 1st (bottom) house-bedroom (crackpipes)
  • West South right side 3rd house up- kitchen (angular krotchy)
  • West South left side 7th house up-bedroom (giant flower)
  • West 2nd house west of job agency-bedroom (woman with frowning picket sign)
  • West 3rd house west of job agency-bedroom (mona lisa with smiley face)
  • Middle North far east house- dining room above window (woman with frowning picket sign)
  • Middle North North house-living room behind tv (gimp mask)
  • Middle North Southwest house-bedroom (multicolor man smoking crack pipe)
  • Middle Swindleton pawn 2nd floor (money bag icon, east north of map) (cops reaching for donuts)
  • Middle South (south of the road) 2nd house from the west-kick board on right side, near blocked front door (toilet paper Starry Night-Van gogh)
  • East South Blue Waffle(food icon)- right side of restaurant near record/jukebox (multicolor man smoking crack pipe)
  • East South The Gilded rag- straight back from front entrance (angular krotchy)
  • East Far West house 2nd floor bedroom (katana woman Birth of Venus)
  • East 2nd West house(from the bottom)- on stairway (Parrots)
  • East North East Big House-1st floor near stairs (Pizza The Scream)
  • East North South Big House- dining room (cop with donut face)

Counts as full collection.

Created by ModernDayNEET

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