Potionomics – Quick and Dirty Way to Sort Your Potions and Ingredients

Here is a quick way to get your important stuff sorted to the end of your inventory. Its quick and dirty but it works. This does not apply to items in Quinn’s shop, sorry…

How to Sort (Awkwardly)

Here is a quick way to get your important stuff sorted to the end of your inventory.

Its quick and dirty but it works.

lets just hope the developers are working on a proper sorting function.

Sick of rummaging through page after page trying to find that one ingredient you always use?

Don’t you wish you could move some of those things around, or at least bunch them all together?

Aren’t you tired of wondering “wait how many fire tonics do I have left….?” or “Wait where are all my mana potions?!”

Well worry no more! Using this strange work around, you can at the very least arrange your stuff together. Here’s how it works…

What you’ll need:

  • Access to the vending machine
  • Or..
  • An empty cauldron (the more the merrier)
  • Or..
  • Feel free to use your hero’s “EQUIPMENT” area
  • Open your vending machine.
  • Double Click to place all your potions you want together into the vending machine.
  • Click and drag the potion off of the location. Repeat for all potions.
  • All of your potions are now neatly stacked together at the end of your inventory.
  • This is helpful if you want to see all of your Health and Mana potions together for adventurers. (Or anything really).

Why Double Click / Drag?

Double clicking to place into vending machine just seems fastest.

Also dragging them off slightly seems faster than double clicking again.

Remember, you can also right click if you prefer.

For ingredients in your cauldrons, the same applies. Do Not Hit Brew!

Double click ingredients so they go into the cauldron (The ingredients have to hit 0 in your inventory).

Double right click to remove them (Or drag them back into your inventory if you prefer).

If you need more space for a certain ingredient, you can always swap to another cauldron using the “equipment” button above the ingredients list.

If done properly you should have all of your ingredients sorted at the end of your list of items.

Remember to utilize the A/B/C/D/E sorting mechanic as well to further help with finding your ingredient after you’ve done this.

Note – Works when the amount of that specific potion hits 0 in your inventory.

Have you ever noticed when you place a potion on your hero it vanishes from your inventory and gets thrown back into the last spot of your inventory?

The same works when placing potions in your vending machine, then placing them back into your inventory (or simply dragging the potion off of the spot).

Here is a very rough gif of the process:

Oooo Aaaah so organized )))

Issues with This Technique

  • You need multiple cauldrons for many ingredients.
  • The cauldrons need to be able to fit the magimins.
  • You’ll have to do this every time you run out of the potion or ingredient. I suggest writing down / taking a screen shot or picture, of the exact ingredients you used when making your potion, and make sure that its stable (No chance of it losing or gaining a star) so that when you make more they all go to the same stack of potion. (If you want to stack them).

Making sure its the exact same formulae also helps with throwing things into the aging barrels, since you can not mix and match.

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