Prayer of the Faithless – Ending Guide

This is the guide to help players reach all endings for Prayer of the Faithless.

How Endings Work

Ending routes in Prayer of the Faithless are determined by a series of invisible choices meant to gauge how connected the players are with the protagonists. If you act the way the character would act, then you are awarded with an invisible Resolve point for that character. During the final fight in Purgatory, your Resolve points are measured, and an ending route will be assigned at the end of the fight.

Note that passing/failing one check will not immediately lock you out of one ending or lock you into another.

Ending List:

  • Tired: Aeyr has more Resolve points than Mia
  • Judged: Mia has more Resolve points than Aeyr
  • Resolve: Aeyr and Mia are tied with 2-3 Resolve points
  • Love: Aeyr and Mia are tied with 0-1 Resolve points.

Actions that Award Resolve Points


  • Use Soulfire powers at least 50 times over the course of the story (powers used before reaching the Northern Woodland Hills do NOT count towards this total).
  • After defeating the boss in Vergio and collecting the prison key, go straight to the dungeon without exploring other areas to pick up missed items.
  • Find both Luke and Trill after being separated in Purgatory. You must find them both to pass this check.


  • Speak to 50 unique refugees over the course of the story (refugees spoken to before Mia becomes the leader do NOT count towards this total).
  • Before leaving the Invader’s Rest puzzle room through the north exit, you must a) make sure to collect Amalie and b) arrange the planks in such a way that creates a path from the west entrance to the north (in other words, make sure the refugees are capable of following Mia through the caves). If Reyson stops you from leaving the room, you will have failed this check and must reload an earlier save.
  • After departing the Odyssey in Kakuri, go back and talk to Aeyr.
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