Prison Architect – Some Tips about How to Make and Run Prisons


This section will till you how to make, distribute, and make your power safe.

When making your generator, be sure to put it near a sprinkler. Depending on how much you are taxing it, but capassitors around it. (1 CA= 1,000 ingame dollars) Never NEVER Connect two active generators, this will knock power out to your prison. If you have the money, it is a good idea to backup your generators. (Usefull only if you have events enabled) I would advise making them staff only, if you are going to have storage in it.

Water Manegment

So you have your generator set up, whats next? Create a Water pump station, for your toilets, sinks, showers, Ect. This is very important if you dont want a riot on your hands. The pump is also good for: Ensuring that when somthign catches aflame, sprinklers can put it out. I dont know what else to put here.

Security and Other Staff

It is a good idea to at least have half as many guards as you do prisoners. But, the first new staff to hire is your warden, security chief, and foreman. Get ten cooks for every kitchen so that half can be on break on a 12 hour rotation . (to be realistic.) Get alot of workmen, because if you want to make your prison big, this is a good person to get.One of the most important non admin staff is the doctors, because of the fact that prisoners arnt that peacefull. I think you can handle the rest in staff.

Prisoners and How to Handle Riots

Prisoners have a wide range of emotions, and reputations. Segregate your time tables based on security rating, so they almost never mingle. Do not let snitches mingle with anyone. If you do they will most likley get killed. Always have guards where alot of prisoners are.

How to handle a riot. If a riot starts, first lockdown the affected area, and call riot police. Dont worry if the door is locked shut, they can go threw locked shut doors. Try to target [risoners with the worst contraband. the lesser the danger they have, the lesser they need to be targeted. Target the prisoners with lighters first. After the riot has been handled (Or the nat. Guard came and killed the rioters) Get paramedics.

How to Stop the Trade of Contraband

Put metal detectors around areas with risks of metal contraband being stolen and taken. You can find ot where with the intel tab. Most metals are ither tunnel diggers, or weapons. Get dog patrols around areas with smelly contraband. Do shakedowns every 10 days.

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