Project Zomboid – Tips to Survive

Useful Survival Tips

Start your game in Riverside. If you want to start in deep waters then go with Apocalypse.

The Wreckers is a decent spot until the helicophet comes. (If you know how to counter that, even thereafter.) You can use the chopper event to draw every zed from the town towards one position, making most of the town empty.

However. The first thing you need to learn is to pick your fights, especially until you get familiar with the fighting system. (If you practice long enough it will come to you instinctively.)

Try to stick to one type of weapon at the start, i would suggest short blunt, or long blunt they are quite common. Then learn to fight, first one zombie, then two, and three. If you are 100% sure you can fight 3 zombies, you can take on larger groups. However this will be risky. You need to learn the conga line tactic, also you need to learn when to disengage if need be, and never forget to check you rear.

There is nothing worse than having 20 zombies following you, you picking them off one by one, only to a zombie just suddenly bite you from behind when you were backtracking. Avoid corners and places where you can be cornered. Opening doors is risky, learn how to open them diagonally so the enemies will not have the instant bite option as you stand there before them suddenly dumbfounded. (Another option is to open a door an instantly push, to avoid being grabbed, but if the door holds then one zombies behind it, then it wont work.)

Once you learned to fight decently with a weapon start to use different kinds. Also try to learn to fight unarmed.

(My current record is taking on 4 zombies unarmed while having 0 str and 0 endurance and after a whole half an hour fight killing them:D Longest trek to three houses from WP:D)

Learn how sneak works. Sneaking is a tedious issue, but it works and can save your behind more times than you can count.

Always take note of your surroundings.

Do not take more than you can. Being overencumbered leads to tiredness and there is nothing worse than fighting zeds when your char is tired. (Only when your char is tired, sleep, hungry, thirtsy and bleeding. Not sure how my char even survived those 36 hours:D was one of my worst runs in Rosewood:D) If you survive you can come back for the stuff eventually. Try to organize what you wish to take. Foodstuff, especially those that can spoil should be priority.

As mentioned above nimbleness is a great skill to have. It is why i take on the trait athlete, for 5 points you get skills in nimblenes and another skill tied to sneaking.

If you are having issues from being attacked from behind, take keen hearing.

Note: I am actually against the melee outline. It can cause more issues then you think, because the highlight can change between zeds rapidly. Which will distort your “reaction” and can lead to pretty bad stuff. If you learn the aiming instinctively you will not need it. For guns though it is good to have. Especially the RED/Green highlight, is also a good way to notice zeds at night from afar.)

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