PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – Crash After 5-10 Min / Solution

How to Fix Crashing

PUBG Crash? Solution!

Step 0: Close PUBG and make sure to save the settings (saves time once you reinstalled and everything is like you left it including controls and graphic/sound stuff) from: %localappdata% \TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor – filename: “GameUserSettings.ini” safe it on desktop tempoary (Note: you have to start the client once after reinstall for the folder in localappdata to appear again, once it does you can replace the one file in the previously mentioned path).

Step 1: Delete the folder TslGame before you uninstall. do so by typing %localappdata% in the windows folder explorer.

Step 2: Uninstall PUBG in steam lib.

Step 3: Delete: the folder “BattleEye” in C:/program files/x86)/comon files (idk what happens to other games that use BE, do only if you are comfortable with that, but sometimes BE is the part that causes crashes).

Step 4: Run CMD as admin (press windows key, type “CMD” right click it and press on “run as admin” and type in “sc delete beservice” then return. (Again: idk what happens to other games that use BE, do only if you are comfortable with that).

Step 5: Clean dl cache in steam (steam restarts afterwards and you have to login again, thats normal).

Step 6: Fresh install (as i mentioned earlier, if you wanna keep the settings like before uninstall you gotta launch it once after install and then do the steps mentioned on step 0).

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