PUBG – Gameplay Tips

How to Became a Better Player! Tips!

  • Do not repick the same spot. It is very common when you are at cover to pick more than one time in the same spot, try to rotate or pick in another angle, you already know where your enemy is, try to surprise him.
  • Loot with smoke. Even when you are confident or had whipped a squad you should try to loot with smokes. Probably a player have heard you before and is waiting to get a kill.
  • There is always another guy. You are getting inside a house or a village, thinking there isn’t nobodyelse, but maybe there is, PAY ATTENTION!
  • If you hear an enemy, take cover. If you heard something trust your ear, that is somebody! Manytimes you think that you heard but you act like not.
  • Big places, peak corners. You are arrinving in the city, dont walk in the middle of the street, take the corner, if you are in cover when the shoots come out you problaby will be alive.
  • Pretend the are peole everywhere. You are never alone, stay alert and find the intruder!
  • Do not trade shots on open field. You dont wanna be in the shootout on open field, that’s it!
  • If you enter, you clear. Always clear the houses! There might be someone!
  • Do not push without equips (vest, helmet). You have just landed and you wanna push, you can do it, but doing it with vest and helmet is not such a good idea.

Hope you guys like it! These are my tips, tell me yours!

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