PUBG: New State – Beginner’s Guide

Drone Store

Helpful items delivered straight to you!

Collect Drone Credits that spawn across the map and use them to purchase items in the Drone Store, which get delivered to your location.

*Note: Drones can be destroyed! Protect your own and shoot down your enemy’s to steal their loot!

Weapon Customization

SMG: Vector

Before / After


Before / After

Upgrade your weapons with Weapon Customization!

You can upgrade and customize most weapons you find, but note that these customizations cannot be undone.

Loot Customization Kits for different weapons in the field or buy Customization Kits in the Drone Store to get the upper hand in the battle!

Green Flare Gun

Using a Green Flare Gun

Survivor Riding a Taxi Drone

The Green Flare Gun allows you to bring one of your dead teammates back into the fight.

(However, you cannot respawn someone if you already have 4 members in your squad.)

Select a teammate who has been dead for at least 90 seconds and call them back in for reinforcements!

The returning player will be redeployed via a Taxi Drone near the location where the flare was fired. They will be dropped in without any gear.

Recruit System

When Recruiting

When Being Recruited

In PUBG: NEW STATE, you can revive any downed player and recruit them to your squad, even enemies!

You can recruit up to 8 Survivors during a match, but there cannot be more than 4 active Survivors in one squad.

(When there are 4 active Survivors in the squad, the [Recruit] recruit button will be deactivated.)

Extend your hand to a downed enemy to signal you want to recruit them!

If you don’t want to be recruited, tap the [Give Up] button to reject their offer.

Dyneema Vest

Dyneema Vest Lvl. 2 / Dyneema Vest Lvl. 3

Gear up with the new Dyneema Vest armor to win the battle!

The Dyneema Vest provides more protection against 9mm, 5.56mm, and .45ACP weapons than normal vests.

On the flip side, it provides less protection against 7.62mm, 12 Gauge, and .300 Magnum weapons than normal vests.


Tram Path


Trams are a new method of transportation found in Troi.

Use them to securely move along their specified path!

Trams cannot be damaged and do not explode, so they can be a safe and reliable means of transportation.



In a moment of crisis, use roll to quickly take cover!

Double tap the [Crouch] button or tap the [Roll] button once to roll.

When your boost gauge reaches a certain amount, you can roll further and faster.

Scout Drone

Scout Drone

Scout Drone Viewpoint

Get a quick view of the Battlegrounds by deploying a Scout Drone!

You’ll be unable to attack while using the Scout Drone, so be cautious before deploying one!

You are limited to only one specialized item (Scout Drones, Deployable Shields, etc.) in your Inventory at a time.

Deployable Shield

Deployable Shield

Deployable Shield: Wide Type

Use a Deployable Shield to take cover in any situation!

There are two types of shields:

  • Deployable Shield
  • Deployable Shield: Wide Type

Once deployed, the shield cannot be moved, retrieved, or reused and will be destroyed upon taking a certain amount of damage.

You are limited to only one specialized item (Deployable Shields, Scout Drones, etc.) in your Inventory at a time.

Vehicles: Trunk

Trunk Icon

Loading Items in the Trunk

Utilize your vehicle’s trunk to carry extra loot and get the upper hand in the match!

The Trunk System allows you to load a certain amount of items into your vehicle’s trunk.

  • When you open your Inventory while in a vehicle, the [Move to Trunk] section is activated on the right.
  • You can move items to the trunk by dragging and dropping them into the specified section.
  • The trunk button is activated when you are in or near a vehicle.
  • You can take an item from the trunk by tapping the corresponding icon.

Vehicles: Car Door

Car Door UI

Destroyed Car Door

In PUBG: NEW STATE, you can open the door of a vehicle and use it as cover.

  • Tap the [Door] button near a vehicle to open the door.
  • The door will break after taking a certain amount of damage.
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