PUBG: New State – Inventory Features

Inventory Features

In PUBG: NEW STATE, you can drop items more quickly and efficiently.

(1) Inventory Feature: Close Inventory

Tap [Drag to Drop] to close the Inventory.

(2) Inventory Feature: Drop Item 1

  • (1) When you tap an item you want to drop, the [Drop/Drop All] button will appear.
  • (2-1) When you tap the [Drop] button, you can select the quantity to drop.
  • (2-2) When you tap the [Drop All] button, you can discard the entire batch of that item.

(3) Inventory Feature: Drop Item 2

  • (1) When you tap and hold an item you want to drop, the [Drop] section will appear on the right.
  • (2) You can discard the item by dragging the item to this section and releasing.

(4) Inventory Feature : Drop Item 3

  • (1) When you tap and hold an item you want to drop, the [Drop] section will appear on the right.
  • (2) When you hold and drag the item up and down, a UI that lets you determine the amount to discard will appear.
  • (3) Drag the UI up and down to determine the quantity to discard.

Wheel Widget

Wheel Widget: Recovery Items

Wheel Widget: Throwables

Access your throwables and recovery items more quickly and easily using the Wheel Widget!

Tap and hold on the [Throwables] or [Recovery Items] button to open the Wheel Widget UI. Then, drag your finger to the item you want to use and release to use the item.


Using Waypoints

Use Waypoints to set up a more detailed strategy!

Waypoints allow you to draw a route on the World Map with up to four markers so your allies know your movement plans.

By dragging and dropping existing Waypoints, you can change your strategy and get everyone aligned to the new plans!

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