PUBG – Secrets and Tips

In the article below you can read some interesting information about the game PUBG. It will be useful for both a novice and an ordinary player in PUBG.

Secrets and Tips for Playing PUBG

  • Do not remove the starting belt. She gives 50 to carry weight. All other clothes can be removed.

  • Do not wear bright T-shirts. The stronger you differ from the environment, the higher the likelihood of you to notice the topic, even in the grass. Except for the yellow suit, which simply merges with the sifted fields, but is very visible in rainy weather.

  • Take off your shoes in rainy weather. So your squelching with your heels is less audible.

  • At long distances, take a frying pan in your hand, it can catch a bullet that is aimed at your face or leg.

  • Watch the doors in the houses. If at least one door is open, someone was here before you and can wait in the toilet.

  • The first narrowing of the circle practically does no damage. So do not frantically search for a car to get dry out of the water. 7) Loot, and then wash down all the damage with a can of soda or painkiller.

  • Do not fight on the edge of the circle. It happens that when you wait for an adversary, time just stops. But during the battle, everything is completely different. You do not have time to blink an eye, as the circle already narrows the boundaries.

  • Weapons and mods on it have no weight. If you don’t have a place, then hang all the weapon mods, reload all the rifles to full clips, and you will free up space in your inventory.

  • Do not play with music, it greatly interferes with detection. With her, footsteps in the houses are not heard, you are arrows and other surroundings.

  • Squeezed left-SHIFT will hold your breath and reduce the spread of bullets when firing.

  • Bullets fly faster than the speed of sound, so the sound of hitting a tree or the ground is heard earlier than a shot if you are shot at medium or long range.

  • The Q and E keys will allow you to peek around the corner without opening a part of the body.

  • Do not spare the consumables. Always have the most complete streak of health. Many times it turned out to survive on almost one HP and pull out games. Rather than save and get one shot from the gun.

  • When playing in a group, do not be afraid to go into intelligence, as your ally will be able to lift you.

  • Always use chok-bor on a shotgun. It significantly reduces the spread of bullets.

  • Do not press the cartridges, share with the party members. Will there be any sense from you when your party will fall due to the lack of first-aid kits or cartridges in battle?

  • SHIFT – to speed up transport. Spends a lot of gasoline.

  • Do not use vehicles at the end of the game. At short range transport will only give out your location. There are times when it is necessary to cross the field, then yes, it is better to drive it by car, but in other cases it is better not to get into the car.

  • When playing the duo. Do not kill the enemy to the end, so you can calculate the approximate position of his party member. But do not let him get out of sight.

  • When playing in a squad. Do not go into a will. The chances of survival are sharply reduced, as there is no one to cover you.

  • Flame arrester or compensator. The flame arrester will allow you to hide the flash from the shot, which, oddly enough, strongly reveals the location. The compensator slightly reduces the recoil of the weapon, making it more effective over long distances. Both mods have different tasks. Use wisely.
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