Raft – All Character Locations

This is a guide to help find all the characters in Raft.

Where to Find All Characters

1st Location: Radio Tower

When you make it to the very first location “Radio Tower”, at the very top of the location you will find Tala sitting on a chair. Simply speak to her, listen to the dialogue, and she’ll be unlocked.

2nd Location: Balboa Island

When you make it to the third island “Balboa island”, you will be looking for someone called Johnny. Johnny is found in Relay station 6 lying on a mattress. simple enough to unlock, just talk to him and listen to the dialogue.

3rd Location: Tangaroa

When you make it to the fifth location “Tangaroa”, you must first complete the entire story of Tangaroa and complete the emergency launch. after that, the top of Tangaroa will explode and launch into the sea. You then must then sail or swim ( your choice, I’d recommend sailing) over to it. Inside, you will find the number for Varuna point and also unlock Elaine, whos sitting in an ejection seat.

4th and Final Location for Characters: Temperance

Shogo can be found at the very end of Temperance’s story. After you fix the reactor and head to the final part to get the next coordinates, Shogo is hanging out in the last room on the left inside of a tube. Interact with the computer next to his tube to get him to stumble out and join you. Listen to his dialogue, and he’ll be unlocked.

Hope this helps anyone who needs it!

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