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Game Tips

The aim of the game is to do the daily quests from the cat at the pub whenever possible, except for his gem trade quest (gem trading is for the zeny, not the exp).

After defeating Maya in the story you will be able to do the Closed Dungeons everyday too, which give the herb for the highest exp potion and exclusive materials to craft higher equipment which also need various field boss drops, which also can be hunted daily.

Aside from finite gems from the chests, you will mostly get gems from the daily quests and arena bonus and daily free gems on shop, getting around 150-250 gems per day average.

Gems are primarily spent for either card pulls or soul stone pulls, and you can always keep some in case you need to revive once (bosses don’t recover their HP but you do) or do a particular daily one more time the same day (generally not recommended, but can speed up class tokens or something else).

Equipment at very low levels are green equipment which can easily be refined to +10 with ores you can buy from the NPC. At around Prontera you will start dropping blues, which need monster-dropped ores, then after Prontera you will drop purples which are the best you can drop (and not all purples are dropped on fields, some are only dropped in Closed Dungeons). After this you can only get better equipment from Closed Dungeon crafting materials, crafting in tier 1 then upgrading them to tier 2 then tier 3.

Always upgrade your tank’s chest armor and boot, and your DPSs’ weapons, if possible.

Normal heroes will cost a contract to get. You will get around 8 contracts to use from progressing into the game, then more are obtained only from every 30 login days (with more on cash shop but still limited by month). Some heroes are specific-contract temporary event heroes which have an event when they are added, and after enough weeks after their event they have their contract be directly buyable at the dokebi shop for soul stones anytime.

Regularly there will be a Festa event, which will need you to buy a coupon for 1000 gems to be able to do 4 of her daily quests per day instead of 1, getting 40 points for a specialized stats hat and trading rests of 5 for a box which with luck have another hat. Without the coupon or if arriving late, you can get just the box.


“Which cards should I use?” Cards that raise offensive stats and not cards that do damage.

The strategy is to combo damage-boosting cards that multiplicatively stack with each other to deal one period of extreme burst damage which will decide if you’re able to win or not.

If a card gave you x4 damage for 5 seconds, another x3, and a third gave x2, for that period you are doing 24 times the normal damage, including for skills which themselves are damage spikes too, and using heroes that are mostly physical or mostly magical will make these cards affect all of these heroes at the same time. 2/3 of the damage you do in a boss fight could come from the first 10 seconds of the fight.

Cards of direct damage or poison might seem overpowered at low levels but drop off in efficiency later as monster HP raises while those cards stay as a set number, while cards that give damage boosts to heroes will only get stronger as your heroes get stronger over time.

The only decent damage cards are Dustiness and Chimera and Baphomet because their purpose is more than damage.

Physical team cards to get to 5*:

  • Orc Skeleton, Doppelganger, Stormy Knight, Grave Mummy, Jakk, Mistress

Magical team cards to get to 5*:

  • Mao Guai, Doppelganger and/or Randgris, Isis, Myst, Mistress, Baphomet or Kaho

Ways to Get Stronger

  • Pull cards – Lets more cards be available for use, and gives upgrade powder to upgrade your cards.
  • Getting higher equipment and refining them to +10 helps a lot in either your damage or tankiness, anything your main party is currently equipping easily can be made +10, if missing ores just farm them. You can also enchant them (enchantments are from Opener chests or crack of dimension boss).
  • Soul stone upgrades will raise ATK/MATK and DEF/MDEF/HP by roughly 10% each time, and slightly increase ASPD and Crit.
  • Valhalla upgrades skills (some healing skills never raise in power if you don’t do this).
  • Leveling up – Only slightly raises ATK/MATK and DEF/MDEF/HP, but level is also the main source of Hit. Battle exp is very low and it is expected that you use exp potions on your main party too. (I don’t know if level itself influences damage calculation on damage taken or dealt)


Chest armor exists in Cloth armor, Leather armor, and Plate armor depending on hero.

Counting only the final crafted type, comparing the benefits of the 3 to the other 2:

  • Cloth armor – MDEF +150
  • Leather armor – DEF +915, Flee +9.6%
  • Plate armor – DEF +2105

A shield in the final craft gives DEF +510 (1530 at +10) and +9.1% DEF, VIT +10, RangedDmg -12.6%, Flee +7.3%, and also can be enchanted like a weapon for either +%ATK and +%Hit, or +%MATK and +%CastSpeed. Equipping a shield lowers ASPD by 5 so for some DPS heroes always equipping any shield isn’t necessarily better.

A hero with Plate armor and shield has 3635 more base DEF than a Cloth hero with no shield, or 2720 more than a Leather hero with no shield.

Boots help almost as much as chest armor but are quicker to craft and allclass.

Garments can be crafted with Closed Dungeon materials too, but the crafted garment is not as good as the buyable garment from the dokebi shop (all dokebi garment have the same stats, except for the bat wings which are weaker except for an MATK boost, and the even weaker cheap backpack).

Accessories start with good craftable blue accessories on Izlude, with better accessories in Morroc with the last tier needing a lot of Closed Dungeon materials.

Closed Dungeon equipment are crafted with blacksmiths but each city makes different types:

GeffenStaff, Book, WhipCloth armor, garment lower than dokebi shop
PronteraSwords, AxePlate armor, shield
IzludeMace, Bow, GuitarLeather armor, boot
MorrocDagger, Katar, KnuckleLeather armor, accessories


Arena teams have a different meta. The strongest in arena is AoE skill heroes (which can be strong enough to deal 50%-100% of the HP of all 4 enemies at once), and Osiris card. The best team might be magical (Modan and/or IO, with Bard).

Heroes in the arena have their maximum HP raised by 10 times, I don’t know if the passive cards AndreEgg and PecoPeco are multiplied too.

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