Ragnarok: The Lost Memories – Hero Roles & Stats

Hero Roles & Stats

Note: Credit goes to Tiomasta

It’s better if you decide early whether you want a physical team or magical team (and I think magical teams are stronger). Damage-boosting cards and some hero buffs are shared between affecting only physical heroes or affecting only magical heroes, so using mostly one type raises your synergy and damage, and fully upgrading cards for physical or magical damage takes around 4600 powder for one or the other.

Heroes can do physical or magical damage and be either melee or ranged, but heroes are split in 3 categories:

  • Tanks have a taunt skill that pulls all monsters to them whenever used, and have naturally high defensive stats and skills that help reduce the damage they take or heal themselves. Their damage is lower.
  • Healers will regularly heal themselves and other heroes in addition to your healing cards for consistency in battles. Healers tend to have the lowest damage.
  • DPSs have extreme damage compared to tanks and healers. DPS heroes are further divided in pure DPSs who do very high damage, and support DPSs who do around 2/3 of the damage of pure DPSs but bring party buffs or statuses to enemies.

Parties usually are made up of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 DPSs. The entire game can be beaten this way.

  • Ophelia can be both the tank and healer for 3 DPSs (especially if the other 3 are ranged heroes), but she doesn’t taunt like a tank so this would need to be offset with taunt/knockback cards sometimes.
  • A physical team with only melee heroes might be doable without a healer if using multiple area healing cards.


These effects were seen by observing the game, these aren’t numbers pulled from an official source.

  • STR multiplies your ATK. The effect is halved for ranged heroes.
  • DEX also multiplies ATK but is halved for melee heroes instead of ranged heroes. DEX also gives a halved multiplication for MATK.
    Doesn’t raise Hit in this game.
  • INT multiplies MATK, and multiplies MDEF.
  • AGI raises ASPD by less than 1.0 per point (helping both physical and magical heroes), and gives a minor +1 DEF per point.
    Doesn’t raise Flee in this game.
  • LUK raises Crit by less than 1.0 per point (helping only physical heroes), and gives a minor +1 ATK and MATK per point.
  • VIT multiplies HP, DEF, and gives halved multiplication for MDEF.

Heroes have different base stats for ATK/MATK and HP/DEF/MDEF, separately to their amount of main stats like STR and VIT. A tank like Perr naturally has less ATK, than a DPS like Cordelia who has less HP and DEF than Perr, even if accounting for their STR/DEX/VIT and equipment.

  • ATK Raised primarily by STR and secondarily by DEX (or reversed if ranged), and level. Minor effect from LUK. Base amount depends on hero.
  • MATK Raised primarily by INT, secondarily by DEX, and level. Minor effect from LUK. Base amount depends on hero.
  • ASPD Attack speed. Equally affects physical and magical heroes. Starts at base 135 ASPD and is raised in small amounts by AGI (mostly obtained from level and soul stone upgrades). Different types of weapons like swords/axes have different ASPD modifiers, and equipping a shield lowers ASPD by 5.
  • Hit Accuracy chance. Only needed by physical heroes as magical damage never misses. Hit is 100 and +1 per level. DEX doesn’t raise Hit in this game. Supposedly, the usual chance to miss is 10% against equal level, then +1 or -1 per level difference, plus equipment Hit/Flee, so to have perfect accuracy against a same-level enemy who doesn’t have Flee bonuses you need around +7% in Hit from equipment.
  • Crit Crit chance. Starts at 1 and is raised in small amounts by LUK (mostly obtained from level and soul stone upgrades, and equipment directly raising Crit). Crits don’t have guaranteed accuracy in this game. All physical damage from attacks and skills can crit, but magical damage never crits so magical heroes have no need for Crit.
  • HP Raised by VIT and level. Base amount depends on hero.
  • DEF Raised by VIT and level. Minor effect from AGI. Base amount depends on hero.
  • MDEF Raised primarily by INT and secondarily by VIT, and level. Base amount depends on hero.
  • Flee Dodge chance for physical damage. Flee is 10 and +1 per level. AGI doesn’t raise Flee in this game.
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