RAILROADS Online – Long Truss Bridge Guide

Guide how to make a long truss bridge.

How to Build Long Truss Bridge


This guide is not simple to make, might need some time to make it work. For EX link points not linking and lengths not placing at times, this stuff really is not meant to be done like that so understand that results might differ.

Step 1

Place an bridge III on the end of the track you are building from, it helps in step 2.

Step 2

Place an truss bridge section.

Step 3

Delete the bridge III.

Step 4

Place an 90 degree cross track on the end of the truss bridge.

Step 5

Place an 4.7m long bridge III section from the cross track towards the starting point.

Step 6

Place an cross track on the end of the 4.7m bridge III section.

Step 7

Delete the bridge III section and the cross track (don’t worry more of them coming).

Step 8

Place an random length of bridge III for ease of placement (same reason as step 1).

Step 9

Place an truss section on the end of the cross track.

Then delete the cross track and bridge III section.

Step 10

Add an cross track on the end of the second truss section

Step 11

Place an 14-14.2m Bridge III (depending what you are using as middle 6m support), for me 14m works good for stone wall ballast and 14.2 works ok-ish with bridge III as the middle support

Step 12

Add an 6m long bridge III or stone wall (ballast ver) off the 14m bridge section towards the start point for the middle support between two truss sections.

Then delete the cross track and 14m bridge III


Repeat the Steps for This Result

Stone Wall Version

Replace the middle 6m bridge III with stone wall (ballast version).

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