Rain World – How to Take Care of a Slugpup (Downpour DLC)

Just a guide how to take care of pups, first guide ever so tell me what ya think.

How to Unlock Pups

Note: Credit goes to Slugpup (Puro)

To unlock these lil guys, you need to do gourmands food tracker quest or use cheats via MSC options.

How to Find a Pup

Finding a pup is often random, but the thing that you need to know the most is they only spawn on Gourmand, Survivor, or Hunter difficulty. They DONT spawn in other difficulties. (Not sure if they spawn in monk difficulty.) There is a trick tho, a mod made by ‘Nacu’ called ‘Pups for everyone’. This mod lets pups spawn in other difficulties! You can also spawn them by using beastmaster.

Pup finding also depends on your karma, survival rate, food, etc.

How to Take Care of a Pup

Lets say you finally found a pup, or spawned one in. You might ask ‘How do i even raise this guy?’ well, you are lucky you pressed on this guide! (I think..)

Pups have 3 food pips, 2 to hibernate, 1 for later. They will eat dead centipedes (any), blue fruit, batflies, etc. They will also catch batflies, grab blue fruit/mold if its in theyre range and eat it right after. If you throw or put down food near them they will chase after it and eat it if they arent full. If they are full they will just carry the food.

After you find a pup, its food bar wont show. If you feed it tho, it will still affect its hunger and will fill up, after you sleep with the pup in a shelter, its food bar will show up. They can starve like a normal slugcat and will need more food, and will be weaker.

Pups also have ‘food preferences’, if they like food which you give them/they find, they will do a dance or do nothing. If they dont like it they will close theyre eyes and get knocked out for a moment.

Once you sleep with a pup in a shelter, they will become ‘tamed’, and will follow you.

Behaviour with Other Creatures

Pups will most often flee from enemies, such as lizards, vultures, centipedes, etc.

If they have a weapon, such as a spear or rock, they will fight back.. Or atleast.. Try to…… Whatever you do NEVER EVER give them a bomb, exploding spear, firebug egg etc.

Pup Behaviour

Pups can tug on the player if they are scared. They can also point at things. If you hold down and jump they will stay at that place if they are tamed.

Random Stuff

Pups were first seen in the rain world alpha videos by videocult.

You can feed a dead pup to a lizard to tame the lizard. (How could you!)

When you take care of a pup(s) you will get an achievment called ‘The mother’.

Spoiler Alert

  • Pups cannot ascend, and will be stopped by a invisible wall.
  • They wont get karma from any echos, pebbles, etc. And guardians will attack them like any other creature.
  • Pups after a long time will stop listening to you if you dont feed them, ignore them or leave them alone and will run away.
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