Rainbow Six Siege – Best Barrel Attachments

These are the best barrel attachments (in my opinion). Every gun was tested with angled grip (if available) and the highest magnification possible, 10 meters away from a wall.


  • L8 (Sledge and Thatcher): Muzzle Brake
  • AR33 (Thatcher and Flores): Flash Hider
  • R4C (Ash): Flash Hider
  • G36C (Ash and Iana): Flash Hider
  • 55XI (Thermite): Muzzle Brake
  • F2 (Twitch): Muzzle Brake
  • AK12 (Fuze and Ace): Flash Hider
  • 6P41 (Fuze and Finka): Flash Hider
  • Commando (IQ): Muzzle Brake
  • G8 (IQ and Amaru): Flash Hider
  • C8 (Buck): Muzzle/Flash
  • MK17 (Blackbeard): Muzzle Brake
  • Para (Capitao): Muzzle Brake
  • M249 SAW (Capitao): Flash Hider
  • Type89 (Hibana): Muzzle Brake
  • C7E (Jackal): Flash Hider
  • PDW (Jackal): Muzzle Brake
  • T-95 (Ying): Flash Hider
  • M762 (Zofia): Muzzle Brake
  • LMG-E (Zofia): Muzzle Brake
  • V308 (Lion): Flash Hider
  • Spear (Finka): Flash Hider
  • M4 (Maverick): Muzzle Brake
  • AK74 (Nomad): Muzzle Brake
  • ARX200 (Nomad and Iana): Muzzle Brake
  • M249 SAW Belt fed (Gridlock): Flash Hider
  • F90 (Gridlock): Flash Hider
  • FMG-9 (Smoke and Nokk): Flash Hider
  • SCK3000K (Zero): Flash Hider


  • SMG-11 (Sledge, Smoke, Mute and Amaru): Flash Hider
  • MP5K (Mute and Wamai): Flash Hider
  • UMP (Castle and Pulse): Compensator
  • MP5 (Doc, Rook and Melusi): Muzzle Brake
  • P90 (Doc and Rook): Muzzle Brake
  • 9×19 (Kapkan and Tachanka): Compensator
  • 416-C (Jager): Muzzle Brake
  • MP7 (Bandit and Zero): Muzzle Brake
  • 9mm C1 (Frost): no barrel
  • MPX (Valkyrie and Warden): Muzzle Brake
  • M12 (Caveira) Muzzle Brake
  • Bearing-9 (Hibana and Echo): Compensator
  • Vector (Mira and Goyo): Muzzle Brake
  • T-5 (Lesion and Oryx): Muzzle Brake
  • Scorpion (Ela): Muzzle Brake
  • K1A (Vigil): Compensator
  • ALDA (Maestro): Muzzle Brake
  • MX4 Storm (Alibi): Muzzle Brake
  • Aug A3 (Kaid): Muzzle Brake
  • Commando-9 (Mozzie): Flash Hider
  • P-10 Roni (Mozzie and Aruni): Muzzle Brake

Pistols and DMR’s

Every pistol and DMR should have a muzzle brake on.

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  1. It turns out I’ve been playing Wong all these years, although I still manage to get 1.0 ratio or a slight beyter for kills.
    Using the correct attachments gave me immediate confidence and has allowed the game to be funner. Thanks for the article and recommendations.

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