Rainbow Six Siege – Training Routine (How to Improve Your Aim)

A Training routine to get better at Rainbow Six Siege.

With 3D Aim Trainer, you can effectively improve your aim!

Best Aiming Techniques For Rainbow Six Siege

  • The top skills to master at Rainbow Six.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Sensitivity Settings.
  • Crosshair Placement & Tracking.
  • Crosshair Selection.

Selecting the right sensitivity while playing Rainbow6 aids two important features: Tracking and Recoil Control. The most important aspect of fast-tracking your aim to the highest performance level is finding the right sensitivity settings and sticking with it. That is due to the fact that as you play more, your muscle memory becomes more ingrained in your brain and if you switch your sensitivity after a while all the muscle memory you have built will be gone.

Vertical sensitivity settings selection is determined by your r6s recoil patterns, so when you’re firing at a target and your crosshair moves vertically If you notice that you’re overcompensating or not practicing counter-recoil vertically then adjusting your vertical sensitivity should solve this.

Choosing the wrong horizontal sensitivity settings will adversely affect your tracking. Rule of thumb, a higher horizontal sensitivity allows you to quickly snap left or right. However, if you don’t practice counter-recoil horizontally or if you overcompensate to snap back then you must adjust your horizontal sensitivity settings.

Headshots are win-shots, they are the quickest and most effective way to eliminate your enemy. An accurate headshot guarantees a quick TTK which is one of the top requirements to dominate in Rainbow 6 Siege. Having said that, crosshair placement on the altitude of the head of the enemy is a must. If you master crosshair placement for r6 at a head level you will kill your opponent every time even if he fired the first shot.

Tracking means moving your crosshair accurately to remain on the target at all times whether one of you or each is moving. To track moving targets it requires a lot of practice and training. Keeping calm while advancing is key to improve your tracking and help keep your aim steady.

Mastering your aim requires precision and accuracy, you can choose additional modifiers for the rifles to improve rainbow six siege weapon accuracy. From crosshairs to handles, suppressors, or lasers, choose what would make your weapon more efficient to move up in Rainbow 6 ranks.

Rainbow Six Siege Aim Training

Get higher rainbow 6 siege stats by using this training sequence as part of your aim practice.

  • 5x Micro Flick Shots
  • 3x Macro Flick Shots
  • 1x Combined Flick Shots
  • 3x Bounceball Click Timing
  • 3x Goalkeeper
  • 3x Bounceball Target Switching
  • 1x Micro Flick Shots
  • 1x Bounceball Click Timing
  • 1x Goalkeeper
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