Rakion Chaos Force – Equipment Effects Guide

Have you been iced or slowed by a player during a match and wonder how it happened? There are several armors that provide effects and benefits to the user, and consequently may give disadvantage to your opponent.

Old players are already knowledgeable about this so this is mainly for newcomers who will try out the game. The list contains the new armors as well.

Know Your Equipment Effects

Note: Credit goes to Venera


Wearer has a chance to emit fear when struck, knocking nearby enemies.

  • South Soul
  • East Soul
  • Elemental Body
  • Golden Cane
  • Purple Phoenix
  • Golden Dragon
  • Black Santa (armors)
  • Wind
  • Rising Moon
  • Purewhite (armors)

*Elemental Body gives an 11% chance and stacks with other fearing armors. All other types of fearing armors give an 11% chance plus 2% for each additional piece (3% for Wind). Demonic Forces add 2% each.


Wearer has a chance to reduce the movement speed and attack speed of the opponent when striking them.

  • North Soul
  • Golden Cane
  • Rising Sun
  • Swamp of Abyss
  • Purewhite (armors)

*When slowed and knocked down, if you press or hold WASD keys, your character will stand up either immediately or faster than the usual.


Wearer has a chance to freeze the opponent when striking them.

  • West Soul
  • Black Santa (weapons)
  • Summer
  • Bolivar 2
  • Legendary
  • Ice Storm

*In frozen state, you are not knocked down and you can still acquire incoming damage.


Wearer gains life when attacking an opponent.

  • Oceanus
  • Oceanus 2
  • Halloween
  • Darkness
  • Icarus
  • Easter (weapons)
  • Rising Sun
  • Honor necklace
  • Ring of Honor
  • Blood Revenge
  • Noblesse
  • Purewhite (weapons)

*Life gain is based on how much damage was dealt and how many leech parts were worn. Life gain % varies among equipments (i.e. Oceanus has 10% while Rising Sun has 3%)


By chance, an opponent turns to a pinkish state when struck and has decreased damage dealt during that state.

  • Machu Picchu
  • El Dorado
  • Ancient Curse


By chance, an opponent turns to a dark state when struck and has WASD controls get reversed during that state (i.e A moves right instead of left)

  • Bolivar
  • Korean
  • Jewel

*More parts increases the duration of the effect.


Wearer randomly regenerates life when low.

  • Holylight
  • Easter (armors)
  • Jungle Hunter (armors)

*More parts causes more regeneration.


By chance, an opponent loses a small portion of chaos point when struck.

  • Elemental (weapons)


Wearer has a chance to deal more damage to an opponent who is in chaos mode.

  • Elemental (weapons)


There are various equipments that adopt elemental effects.

  • Halloween
  • Darkness
  • Icarus
  • El Dorado (weapons)
  • Machu Picchu (weapons)
  • Bolivar (weapons)

*Mimicking in general is somewhat unclear, given that wearing one mimicking item may allow you to adopt any elemental effect onto any of your equipment.

Additional Information

The following can acquire the above mentioned effects but will require a certain number of armor pieces to be worn.

  • Viking – lifesteal & freeze
  • Dragon Knight – fear & slow
  • Sparta – fear, freeze, & life steal
  • Lava – life steal

Most players combine different armor pieces to acquire different effects. That is why you see players wearing Golden Cane armors + Damned Body + North Soul weapons for an annoying Fear and Slow combo. Yes, you can be slowed when struck by fear.

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