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Note: Credit goes to Casper

With what I’ve learned with Bee farming is that the spawns are random, as well as the Quantity that appear on the map.

With my map they are found commonly around the hardwarestore area, but they can be found around your farm (if you’re lucky), or any other random places around your map.

They also seem to always spawn on the bottom branch of the tree, I’ve also learned that if you Catch the bees and put a waypoint on your map and go back to the same hive you caught the bees, the hive itself will despawn, so its only one hive frame per Hive. (so it might take a while to get a full Beehouse).

What you need to get bees

  • Smoker $75 (general Store only)
  • Hive Frame $20
  • Barrel $18 (general Store only)
  • Wooden hive = 15 wood planks+ 2 Metal (Hardware store)
  • Honey Extractor = 20 Cement + 20 Metel (Hardware store)
  • $32 for 8 planks of wood (Optional buy as you can get these for free)
  • $100 for 10 metal, $500 for 50 metal
  • $25 for 5kg of Cement and $250 for 50kg of cement

Advice on how to find bees

Just wander in the forest and wait until you hear a buzzing noise, sound gets louder the closer you are (car recommended to carry the Smoker and hive frames, or waypoint where the Hive is and come back for it).

Or if your a night time player like i am and play with no volume, i suggest drive slowly around the map in the forests areas until you see one. you can also if your lucky find them on trees on the side of the roads.

The more lost you are the higher the chance you’ll probably find one as I’ve learned.

How to catch the bees

  1. Put the smoker on the ground close to the bees hive and press “E” on the smoker to turn it on. (If you don’t do this you’ll get Stung!) The smoker is Infinite, does not have to be turned off.
  2. Get the hive frame, look at the Hive on the tree and hold “E”.
  3. If you took your Car, place the smoker and your full hive frame into the back of the car
  4. Make sure your smoker is on and near the full hive frame when you do this step!! get the hive Frame out of the car and put it Straight into the bee house you made and they will start making honey
  5. When the frame is at 100% move it to the honey extractor and it will get all the honey off the Frame and move it to your barrel.

I recommend having the Extractor and the bee house next to each other with a smoker sitting between them, Mine is always on so I don’t forget.

Selling Honey

When you hover your mouse over the barrel you should see it would say 7.5,I believe that every 0.1 is 1 Jar of honey, so you should get 75 Jars per Barrel of honey and a full barrel will sell for $300 per full barrel (unless its a “Required Product”).

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