Ready or Not – Begginer’s Guide to Being a Good SWAT Officer

Seeing the influx of new players on a daily basis is great, however this can often bring very big headaches and an aura of awkwardness or anger build up as new players come from more fast paced games such as CoD/Apex and so on.

This guide aims to hopefully be of use to experienced players and new players alike, as the old SWAT Franchise dogs can help out the rookies and also make it more inclusive. That being said, this guide may be expanded upon going fowards based on player feedback in the thread.

Note that this is simply a guide to show new players to learn the ropes and establish a framework of which they can then build upon. Realistically speaking, anyone can play the game in any manner or loadout, the most important part of Ready or Not is to have fun, be it alone or with friends.

We’re going to split this thread in several points, namely:

Joining the Lobby

If you’re a new player:

When joining the lobby for the first time please let the others know if you are new and require some help or advice. It’s very important that you attempt to get a good understanding of the pace of the game as this is not a fast paced shooter and you need to approach this in a more controlled manner. This is not Call of Duty and going in guns blazing like John Rambo will only get you killed, your team mates as well and after a few tries this may create a bad mood in the lobby. Be inquisitive, ask questions and try to adapt and play with your team mates.

Experienced players:

If you encounter new players or shy players, please do make an effort to show them the ropes and make them comfortable so that they can learn and have fun without any pressure, as most of us can see in the official DC there are also small kids playing the game and while some of them are obnoxious, most appear to be shy as they realise that people might not take them seriously just because they’re like 13 or something.


Do not be obnoxious and rude to your squad mates. We’ve all had the “Macho, know it all leader” or the suicide entry Call of Duty player who dies in the first 30 seconds of the round and starts flaming, or god forbid, the griefing team killing guy just because someone didn’t help you clear a room when they were already doing something else.

Don’t be these guys!


Be friendly, help people and be communicate! Nice guys stay alive and usually have squaddie’s covering their butts when they are clearing rooms!

Preparation Phase

It’s very important especially when doing harder difficulty missions that you plan around the gear you will bring.

Importance of each Tactical Weapon:


Helpful for scouting the rooms for traps, suspects and civilians, a wand is mandatory as it can help you plan your entries into the rooms.

Riot shield:

Riot shields are important for initial entry points as the AI currently is more accurate than the world’s greatest AIM champions and will one tap you from 10 km with a shotgun, John Wick style. Please

Battering ram:

Fast, easy and can stun enemies and civilians if they are next to them. One hit fully opens the door

Breaching shotgun:

Similar to battering ram, useful when making entries. Uses 2 shots to fully open a door

The default tactical load-out that we choose with my friends when playing with all premade or with a few randoms is the following:

  • 2 riot shields, 2 mirror-wands, 1 breaching shotgun or battering ram.

We choose this route when doing the harder maps or larger maps where we can cover more ground and split into two groups. One riot shield and one Mirror-wand for each group.

Riot shields are important for initial entry points as the AI currently is more accurate than the world’s greatest AIM champions and will one tap you from 10 km with a shotgun, John Wick style. Simply open or breach the door, if there a suspects it’s very helpful to throw in a flash/stinger before making entry and it is highly recommended that the Riot shield entry is crouched and is keeping his side weapon concealed until the enemy reloads so he can risk a shot, otherwise he risks being wounded/killed.

Mission Start

If you are a new team and don’t know/trust your squad’s abilities to keep you alive, a slow and tactical approach is almost always the best route to go. Scan your surroundings, plan your course of entry and ensure that there is always at least one individual covering you.

Ways to safely enter rooms/breach:

Depending on the scenario it is good to flash or stinger if there are suspects before entering. Ensure that the second individual is throwing a flash while the guy up front to the door is keeping a gun trained on it at all times.

First guy can clear left, second can clear right and the rest can join them while making sure they are not blocking each other and giving supple distance between each-other to avoid potential friendly fire scenarios when suspects encounter us.

When a room is clear or upon entering, ensure that a squad member is watching the back as additional enemies can open doors in corridors and attack you in the back when you least expect it, the amount of people dying while securing a room then being killed off one by one due to being stuck in an animation is too damn high!

Helpful Tips

Some useful key bids that I’ve noticed a vast majority of players are unaware of.

  • Running – home key.
  • Checking ammo – Holding R key.
  • Dropping Ammo Clips to your squad-mate (only works if you have the same weapon) – double press R.
  • Some scopes have a zoom option – P key.

It’s always a good idea to have at least 1 person having the same pistol type as the Riot shield operator as it is possible he can run out of ammo in prolonged missions.

Don’t be a ♥♥♥, don’t rush doors, play with your team and consider that there are additional 4 individuals potentially who might wish to approach the mission from a different manner than yours. Be open minded and help each other!

When you are new and don’t know each other it is a good idea to decide upon a good way to distinguish each other, be it via numbers such as leader is 1, someone is 2 and so on, or alternatively you can use Alpha Bravo Charlie, Delta , Echo or any other method of naming. This can be crucial to avoid confusions if several people are talking and you are confused as to who’s checking what section and where. Miscommunication can lead you to breaching or entering a door which is trapped and can lead to death.

Door wedges are underrated, consider using them when presented with several doors and can wedge some of them to avoid potential suspects rushing you and killing you in the back mid-breach of another room.

I hope this is helpful to anyone reading and I’d love to meet new people and play the game!

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