Ready or Not – Breach & Clear, Shake & Bake Guide

This guide will quickly cover the basics of breaching, clearing, and securing a room with a squad. (AI, or friends).

Main Tips

  • Check your corners.
  • Always keep either your line of sight, or an officer’s line of sight, on any doorway that leads to a room you have not cleared yet.
  • Check behind opened doors only after another officer has entered the room with you.

Stacking & Breaching

Before breaching and entering a room with suspected contacts, ALWAYS stack-up when you have the opportunity to. Stacking not only gets your team, both AI or IRL friends, prepared for what’s to come, it also provides them basic cover and organization of entry before making the next move.

Stack up..


  • Kick it down (loud entry) [Option A]
  • Place C2 Explosives (loud entry) [Option A]
  • Lockpick (quiet entry) [Option B]
  • Door is already unlocked [Option B]

Option A, Loud Entry

If going for a loud entry, your tactic is mainly based on disorienting and scaring the suspects with a quick and more lethal-oriented entry. I say “more lethal” because usually that’s what loud entries end up in, a very chaotic situation, and a less organized one. So I would advise going for a quiet entry when you have the possibility to.

Option B, Quiet Entry

If going for a quiet entry, your tactic is to catch the suspects off-guard and have a more stealth like approach, this is more likely to end in less deaths than a loud entry would, however it will take longer.


Whenever that door get’s blown open, or if you even peek it open quietly, you are going to want to throw a non-lethal grenade through that opening to ensure you stun/disorient the suspects, which will keep you and your officers safe. Please ensure that every officer is carrying at least 2 grenades on them, as this is effective, and ensures that even when coming up on the end of the mission, you will have enough grenades for proper room clearing.

Clearing The Room

Practice Makes Perfect

First things first..

Practice.. practice.. and practice, whenever you have freetime between missions, it never hurts to go down to the shoothouse and practice clearing, and corner-checking.

The shoothouse map floorplan I made can be used as a reference throughout this guide.

Common Sense

Remember, always use common sense. I mean, these AI aren’t as dumb as you may think. Ask yourself, where would you hide if you were a crackhead? Or even.. if you were a crackhead with a gun.

The AI are smart enough to hide when needed and pop out when you least expect it, so always…

Expect the unexpected.


Every squad should have that one appointed entry-man, the one guy that takes one for the team and goes in through the door first. BUT ALWAYS, remember, you should not enter a room alone, never go in unless you are certain you are going to have officers fall in behind you to watch your six.

Watch Un-Opened Doorways

Always have a squad-member keep their eyes on unopened entry ways, or entryways that are open, suspects can come in at any time so always be prepared.

Check Behind Opened Doors And Blindspots

After breaching a room one of the biggest concerns is finding out what is to your left or right, of that door you just opened. Always have a squad-member make sure that it’s clear. Failing to do-so could result in a fatality.


Always remember, RoN is like the dark-souls of the police world, it is not meant to be easy. Keep practicing, but keep in mind that it is not too complicated when it comes to clearing rooms, it all comes down to one thing, never let your guard down.

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