Ready or Not – Guide for New Players

A guide to help you learn the game.

Newbies Guide

Early Runs

What are the best weapons to begin with?

  • This depends, though the most robust rifles are, in my opinion, the MK18, SA58, and the ARWC.
  • The most useful shotgun is, by far, the B1301, from my experience (Fun fact: the 1301 has only appeared in Ready or Not and “The Tomorrow War” in media thus far.).
  • The SMGs are all pretty similar, so any will do.
  • The LTL are more of a preference.
  • For sidearms, any will do, but for immersion, I recommend the G19 or the P92X.

What equipment should you use?

  • For your earliest runs, use Heavy Armor and the Ballistic Mandible, these will increase survivability.
  • Flashbangs and stingers are useful, but both can injure or kill suspects and civilians.
  • Door Wedges can be used to prevent enemies from outflanking your position.
  • CS Gas requires the usage of the CBRN mask.
  • Entry tools should be decided amongst your team or split with your AI teammates.

Know Your Enemies


This will give you a rundown of the factions found in different missions.

Bolton Security

High pay, high risk, high stupidity.

These suspects are reckless and seem to believe themselves to be untouchable, often seen standing in the open or in rooms with plenty of vantage points, they are easy to eliminate.


Stormtroopers on coke.

These suspects are organized, well armed, and fast, they will outflank you where possible, and often seem to set ambushes in the cramped halls of Mindjot’s Data Center.

UID Human Traffickers

Unorganized Russians.

These suspects are rather easy to deal with, but can blend in with civilians, often only distinguishable by their balaclava.


One of Los Suenos’ many gangs.

Semi-organized. Many are found Dead On Arrival, but those that are alive are fierce and dedicated, often refusing to surrender without taking a few rounds or some gas.

The Left Behind

Veterans, crazy veterans.

Well-organized, dangerous, well armed. These suspects are easy to identify by their distinctive, semi-militaristic appearance.

The Cult

Fanatical. Well Armed. Crazy.

These unimplimented suspects wear distinctive golden “tree” masks and are well armed. They are fanatical and will likely refuse to surrender, preferring death.


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The Hand

A terrorist organization, with ties to groups in Yemen.

These suspects are equipped well, wielding military-grade gear and heavy armor. They certainly make a statement with their distinctive masks. Also the massacres.

The Rebels Rejects

Biker gang. Macho men.

These suspects are often seen in engagement with the LLDP, as seen on Wenderley Hills Hotel, where many suspects on both sides are DOA or wounded. They wield similar weaponry to the LLDP, with a similar lack of body armor.

The Crackheads

Do you like the way your skin feels on your body?

These suspects are erratic, and often hide to set ambushes within the halls of 213 Park Homes. Their addictions make them shuffle and speak often, making it easy to distinguish their locations. Their armaments vary heavily.

Gerard & Accomplice

That guy has his ♥♥♥♥ out.

These suspects are the main focus of A Lethal Obsession, in which they are manufacturing Ricin. Gerard wears a homemade ghillie suit and wields high-powered weaponry, proving an extreme threat. His accomplice is easier to distinguish, wearing a gas mask and wielding standard weaponry.


The world of Ready or Not is varied, and experiencing a recession. Los Suenos has become a haven for crime of all kinds. It’s time to get to work. Keep your feet on the ground.

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