Ready or Not – How to Not Lose Points (Rules of Engagement)

Want to know how not to get arrested for police brutality? This guide should explain in detail how the ROE works and how to have the maximum amount of points at the end of each raid.

Guide to Not Lose Points

The Rules of Engagement

ROE is the guideline that officers follow in order to not kill innocent people, so, y’know, follow it.

The ROE of Ready or Not is very simple:

  1. Don’t use force the unarmed.

Do not shoot people who are not carrying any weapons. Don’t even use pepper spray.

  1. Don’t use force on those who surrender.

Do not shoot anyone who puts their hands in the air or has dropped their weapon, this includes those who are injured on the floor, or already handcuffed. Do note that some suspects carry a second weapon on them and may feign a surrender, always stay vigilant when approaching a suspect.

  1. You are not allowed to use force before informing a suspect you are a police officer, or until they use force on you.

Walking into a room and shooting someone the moment you see will loose you points, considering that they did not know the police were in the room. Although, you can open fire on anyone who charges you with a knife or opens fire upon you first.

Once you inform a armed suspect that you are a officer, if they don’t surrender you are allowed to fire a warning shot, it is recommended to aim for somewhere non-vital to retain the suspect’s consciousness, since unconscious or dead suspects give less points. The more injured a suspect is the more inclined they are to surrender.

  1. Do not double tap.

This was mentioned in 2., do not shoot those who are already incapacitated.

General Tips

The rules of engagement are the most important part of Ready or Not, but there is a lot more to the game.

Vitals: This game uses a realistic model of human beings where in they have certain zones that when shot will kill or incapacitate them immediately, these areas include the head, chest, or center mass.

Sometimes, they get back up: Sometimes a injured suspect can get back up and continue to fire upon you, this is why it is always recommended to handcuff suspects whenever possible, even when your sure they’re dead.

Is it safe to handcuff?: Other suspects can rush you while your locked in the handcuff animation and end the raid right there, it is always recommended to wait for a break in the firefight to handcuff the incapacitated, or to close the door to the room, or hide in a corner.

Help I shot a civilian: You dumbass, this isn’t a speedrun.

Where did the gun go?: Sometimes, when a suspect is shot, their gun just ♥♥♥ disappears, I have no idea or solution on how to find them, just cope and move on.

In Conclusion

Whenever you sight a armed suspect, here is what you should do:

  1. Aim your firearm.
  2. Announce your presence to the suspect.
  3. If needed, fire a warning shot or open fire on the suspect.
  4. Once the suspect is down or incapacitated, report them, handcuff then, and bag their weapon.

It’s pretty simple, I’d be surprised if you majorly screw this up.

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