Rebel Inc: Escalation – Super Squirrel Achievement Guide

How to complete Super Squirrel achievement.

Super Squirrel Achievement


  • Achievement difficulty: 3/10
  • Map: Pistachio Forest
  • Governor: Any
  • Advisors: Any
  • Game difficulty: Any


  • (Optional): Choose Civil servant, Any advisors (I used my standard ones: Doctor, Tribal Elder, Celebrity, Tax Collector, Drill Sergeant and Logistics Expert), Casual difficulty.
  • (Optional): Start in ‘Echo Whiskey’ (The Big town)
  • 01: Play normally. Play as you would normally.
  • 02: Get to a comfortable winning position. Requirements:
    • Insurgents contained in 1-3 zones
    • All other zones comfortably stabilised
    • High support level
  • 03: The waiting game. At this point you are in a comfortable position to go ahead and win. Don’t. Fund all the job initiatives and wait until you get this pop up:
  • Go ahead and approve it. Well done! You just got the achievement ‘Super squirrel’.

Please Note:

It might take a very long time to get the pop up, however you will definitely get it eventually!

Created by Turduckin2287

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