Receiver 2 – Threat Echoes / Suicide Tapes

The first step is to know your enemy, threat echoes look like any other tape you can pick up in the game but instead of your the normal voice you hear. The voice clip will sounds depressed and suicidal, the tape will sound like you expect a suicide tape to sound.

Great, you have identified that you’ve picked up a threat echo and now need to act quick, the echo will soon take control forcing you to shoot yourself leading to a quick game over. The way to deal with the threat echo is to unload your gun and ensure that it can’t be fired.


With Revolvers you need to:

  • Press R to open your cylinder.
  • (This cannot be done with the hammer cocked, to uncock the hammer hold F, hold left click, now release F then release your left click aswell).
  • Press V untill all chambers are empty.
  • With the gun unable to fire it will simply attempt to fire though all the cylinders before returning control to the player.

Other Handguns

With magazine fed handguns (This includes all handguns that aren’t revolvers):

  • Press E to remove the magazine.
  • Press R empty the gun by ejecting the bullet in the chamber.
  • Press 1/2/3/4/5 to tuck the magazine away in your inventory and wait for control to be returned to the player.
  • The gun must be empty as the safety does not stop threat echoes.
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